Fly Song! Delta's response to Jet Blue

October 21, 2005

Flew out to NYC yesterday for a quick business trip and I the cheapest flight available from SFO – NYC (JFK) at a workable time was through Song Airlines, Delta’s new low cost airline. I wasn’t expecting too much, I figured it would be like Ted – United’s discount offering which, from what I can tell, is pretty much a normal United flight at a lower price. But when I got on the plane, it was a bit different 🙂

First, check out the cabin. They’ve really got a fun theme going on; everything is multi-colored, they play top 40s music during boarding/deplaning, and each seat has its own mini interactive TV screen.

FlySong 006Cool stuff… but wait, there’s more. Instead of playing the usual pre-flight safety info, they had an amusing audio track where they had a super deep smooth jazz voice telling you about the safety procedures and a few jokes thrown in too. The info was the same old stuff, but I thought it was a fun touch.During the flight, the screens are activated, and here’s where it gets really cool. They have a library of about 30 CDs in about 8 different genres that you can listen to during the flight. You just browse the CDs and build your own playlist. They’ve also got satellite TV, in-flight movies for $5 a pop, simple interactive games for $5 each, and a pretty comprehensive in-flight food menu. To pay for stuff, you simply use the credit card swiper built into the screen.

FlySong 022FlySong 023FlySong 024FlySong 027

Dish network is getting a pretty good deal here; you can order Dish network through the interactive screen. I’m surprised I couldn’t order the CDs I was listening to and have them delivered home – or even better yet, get it digitally right on my iPod 😉 Ahh… but perhaps I’m getting a bit too optimistic.I’ve got a few more pictures I snagged during the flight up on my flickr if you’re interested in checking out more; I’m about to get on a Jet Blue flight from JFK to SEA, so I’ll be able to do a side by side comparison. Now that they aren’t the only ones doing in-flight satellite TV, will they still be the best cross country option?


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  1. Quick review of Song Airlines (Delta’s low cost subsidiary)

    With all the hype, I expected a more pleasant experience, and I was rather disappointed.

  2. Chris Meller Says:

    On my last flight, the headphones were $5 to listen to the movie… If you were paying $5 just to watch the movie, how much were the headphones to listen to it, $20?

  3. Elliott Back Says:

    Song Airlines

    Flying to and from Orlando, I had the pleasure of flying Song Airlines, a luxury airline operated by Delta. Some of the nice things include larger, clean, brightly-colored seats, and free satellite TV. The aircraft itself was fairly large, and fast&…

  4. markjen Says:

    Hi Chris – Headphones were actually free 🙂 I got a picture of the free headphones too.

    They use standard headphone jacks so you can always bring your own as well (I would think you’d probably have better ones anyways).

  5. I didn’t realize that Song was in business. The only thing I’d heard of them was when Frontline did a piece on their branding strategy (part of their show The Persuaders)

  6. Travel Blog Says:

    Delta’s Response To Jet Blue

    Click through for this write-up on Delta’s Song brand and more pictures….

  7. […] As a follow on to my last post, last weekend I did a loop from SFO – NYC – SEA – SFO. The first leg was on Song Airlines from SFO – NYC (JFK). The second leg was on Jet Blue from NYC (JFK) – SEA. The last leg was on United from SEA – SFO. […]

  8. Delta, who owns Song, is shutting it down. Sad Song –

  9. Otto Says:

    Shutting down? Some people don’t know how to read.
    Song has been very successful and will be integrated into Delta’s main line. Many of the popular features will now be available to more travelers and in more routes.

  10. markjen Says:

    Hi Otto – That’s corporate speak for shutting down Song and having Delta absorb all the assets 😉

  11. dominique Says:

    hi i have always wanted to meet you

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