Song > Jet Blue > United

October 26, 2005

As a follow on to my last post, last weekend I did a loop from SFO – NYC – SEA – SFO. The first leg was on Song Airlines from SFO – NYC (JFK). The second leg was on Jet Blue from NYC (JFK) – SEA. The last leg was on United from SEA – SFO.

Unfortunately for me, the first leg was the best experience. The second leg was pretty good (although the normal stellar Jet Blue experience was slightly diminished for me since I had just ridden on Song which had a bigger TV screen). The last leg on United was horrendous.

On United, the seat I had chosen when I booked the ticket was gone and I was given a middle seat in the back. To get a decent seat, they wanted me to shell out $29 for an Economy Plus “upgrade” – didn’t Economy Plus used to be free? I could’ve sworn the people at the gate have simply switched my seat to Economy Plus for free before…

Anyways, as usual, United has none of the nice perks that Song/Jet Blue has; makes me wish Song or Jet Blue would fly the SJC-SEA route 🙂


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  1. Allen Says:

    Previously a DC resident (a major hub), I’m a lifey with United (damn frequent flier programs).

    Economy Plus is free for the Premiere, Premiere Exec, and 1K members. Domestic flights are crap. You need to buy your own food, and there are few perks as it were.

    International on the other hand is pretty good. Compared to say… Virgin Atlantic, it’s crap, but so are others.

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