Competition is good; check out the new Y! Maps

November 2, 2005

Well, first Google had it; then Microsoft followed suit. Now Y! Maps is interactive and draggable. They’ve taken some ideas from Google and MSN’s Virtual Earth and combined them with their own little touches.

I like the little “nearby” pane that shows the stuff next to your current detailed view. I also like how the local search doesn’t limit itself to 10 items (like VE); giving me more options to choose from. Plus, if you type in an address next to local businesses, it’ll ask you if you were looking for one of them – super cool!

New Yahoo! Maps!

Interesting that they decided to make this a Flash app. It enables some really cool click-drag functions (try dragging a local search result into the “Get Maps and Directions” area πŸ™‚ ). I guess that most everyone has flash by now, so it’s probably a safe bet; I’m sure most people won’t even notice that it’s Flash, they’ll just notice how cool it is.

I hope they improve the map drawing a little bit (I think VE currently has the nicest looking maps), but I see some really promising features here.

Looks like at this point in the game, Google Maps is actually behind the competition… hopefully they’ll release some new stuff soon πŸ˜€

(Originally found on Y!’s blog, but I see Jeremy’s on it and so is Mike over at TechCrunch)


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  1. Hey Mark, we also released a bunch of new maps API tonight for you to play with:


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  3. Adam Says:

    Google may still have the cool factor (with Maps and/or in general), but it’s seeming like Y! is winning the “useful” war in leaps and bounds.

    While I find the Google Map engine to be more fluid and generally less cluttered and such… the Y! Maps system offers amazingly useful features:

    – Save spots to your ‘favorite’ list (copied over from earlier Y! Maps)… great for getting to/from personally-common spots (my gym, friends’ apartments, etc.)

    – Local searches that seem much more complete than Google’s (including gas stations, ATMs, etc…)

    – And multi-point directions. That rocks!

    I miss the satellite views and hybrid view, admittedly, but when push comes to shove, that’s more fun than useful most of the time for me anyway.

    With Y!’s Mail beta (which I’m testing), G and M are really getting some great competition soon. And, as others have noticed, we users are the winners here :). I love it!

  4. nwistheone Says:

    Y! Maps is great, very quick. the interface is great. i can’t wait to see what developers do with it.

    thanks for the info.

  5. Allen Says:

    The question is how easy is it to develop mash-ups, and what makes people want to use those rather than Google Maps. Goolge has MSN and Yahoo! beat in those areas, more information and help out there. In my opinion those are critical factors for making use of maps.

  6. markjen Says:

    Thanks for the comments Adam, Nathan, and Allen. I like the features on Y! maps a lot; they are much more useful to me than Google/MSN’s satellite/hybrid views.

    Allen, as far as being able to do mash-ups, I think they’ve definitely thought of that and made it really easy. Check out this demo mash-up they made

  7. Adam Says:

    One of the definite bummers, though, is — as Scoble has pointed out — Y!’s API license is much more restrictive than Google’s. No commercial use. And limited queries. That’s not gonna win over a lot of developers, unfortunately.

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  9. Although, the apps and graphics look the same, the flash requirement makes it “not the same” category – Plus, it’s very slow.

    We may think (or wish) that flash is installed in “every computer with a browser.” Unfortunately, that is not the case. But, you could also make the same argument with JavaScript being enabled in every computer πŸ™‚

    I still think lighter and simpler is better, hence my vote goes for google maps…

  10. markjen Says:

    Hi Jose – stats show that more people have flash than javascript. However, I do feel you; the new Y! Maps does feel like it takes longer to load. Maybe it’s my computer loading the Flash engine though…

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