What's with these addicting flash games?

November 5, 2005

I just spent a few hours playing a random game on Yahoo! Games that Rose pointed me to called Insaniquarium. The object of the game is to feed fish which then poop coins. The value of the coins you collect allow you to buy upgrades for yourself (such as better fish food, more fish, etc.). After each level, you win a special character that has beneficial characteristics. I beat the playable demo and played one more round to see how much I would accumulate before getting bored. Check out these screen shots:


Ahhh… playing this on a Friday night has got to be the pinnacle of geekness.


3 Responses to “What's with these addicting flash games?”

  1. Spyder Says:

    lol my flatmates got completely addicted to the offline version of this a few months ago, I managed to resist though 🙂

    From the looks of those screenshots it gets much more complex and interesting with the full version 😉


  2. markjen Says:

    Oh my. Thanks for the link Spyder, but I’ve got to resist wasting any more of my time on this game! 😀

  3. ScW Says:

    My son has gotten me into online flash games. In particular we play a lot of the Disney games like those for Kim Possible. It’s great free entertainment for him and I have to admit that I have been caught up into a few of them myself.

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