Hello Boston! Come out tonight for free food and a fun talk

November 7, 2005

Just a reminder for students at Harvard and MIT and anyone in the Boston area looking for a job (or just anyone who’s bored), Stuart and I will be in town running a talk and dinner tonight 7PM at The Kendall Hotel (350 Main Street Cambridge, MA 02142). See you guys there!

Plus, check out this cool t-shirt we’re giving to attendees! Dang! We’ve got food… t-shirts… Lucky!!! You ever take if off any sweet jumps? See you there šŸ˜€

Plaxo T-Shirt


No Responses Yet to “Hello Boston! Come out tonight for free food and a fun talk”

  1. rose Says:

    dude, that ND line totally did not work.

  2. If you have a spare medium plaxo t-shirt, I would love one. Send me an email offline and I can give you my address.


  3. djchuang Says:

    sweet looking t-shirt! how can I get one?

  4. markjen Says:

    Hi DJ, unfortunately, we don’t have a ton of the shirts so we aren’t going to be able to give them away right now. However, I’ll definitely be posting when people will be able to get them! Thanks!

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