A fun night in Cambridge

November 8, 2005

We had a good turnout last night here in Cambridge and it turned out to be quite a fun evening.

Turns out the hotel didn’t have a projector so I had no powerpoint to hide behind… Oh well, at least my slide deck served me well as a good set of notes to speak from. I’ve posted it up and it’s available for download.

We had a good sized group of probably 20 people show up for food, my talk, and a lively discussion afterwards. I hope the attendees had as much fun as I did. Here’s what the place looked like before and after, we definitely did a number on the room :-O

Cambridge.11.8.2005 020 Cambridge.11.8.2005 028

Cambridge.11.8.2005 007The Kendall Hotel was actually quite nice; it’s a small boutique hotel right on the MIT campus and the service was excellent. They’ve decorated the hotel with a unique flavor and each room is unique – different furniture, decorations, and color schemes. My room had a cool window with a semi-view of some buildings.

Right now I’m at the MIT career center and I’m connected to the campus wireless network. It’s really fast. Ahh… the joys of college 😀


No Responses Yet to “A fun night in Cambridge”

  1. John Says:

    Were you really talking with Adobe after Google? Just took a look at your PowerPoint presentation. I think Adobe would look for someone with more experience.


  2. rose Says:

    i think you had too much fun in college >[

  3. rose Says:

    how many joys did you have?

  4. markjen Says:

    Hi John – Yup, I was talking to a recruiter at Adobe about different opportunities there.

    I’m unsure why you’d think Adobe would be a stickler for experience? They do college recruiting as well…

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