Strange mini Google Maps?

November 8, 2005

Did anyone else get a small version of Google Maps lately? I’ve gotten it twice, I open up a new browser window and it’s back to normal… I assume maybe they’re testing something, but I don’t see any advantage to this smaller map.



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  1. Finn Says:

    For smaller devices? Say… Google Local for a mobile phone? I know, the map’s still bigger than a phone screen, but perhaps it’s more scalable?

  2. markjen Says:

    Yes I can understand that, but they should know that I’m using a full browser (they should be able to deduce that from the HTTP header I think…)

  3. scott Says:

    yes, I’ve been running into the same thing in FF since they migrated maps to ‘google local’.

  4. Ruchit Says:

    its for sure for mobile phone initiative.

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