Windows Live Custom Domains?

November 18, 2005

Got an anonymous link to check out Looks like Microsoft is offering free e-mail hosting (20 e-mail accounts, 250MB / account, web-based access) and automatic .NET Passport access on those accounts (enabling MSN Messenger, MSN Spaces, etc.). Here’s a screenshot in case they take it down soon 🙂

Windows Live Domain Services

I’m going to try signing up this domain on it; I wonder if they use the new Hotmail as the webmail client?

I hope they’ll offer hosting services soon too 😀


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  1. Chris Meller Says:

    Hmm, cool service, but I’m kinda disappointed at the stats…

    *Looks at the ugly default Hotmail interface his created account uses*

    Notice the big asterisk next to the 250mb storage limit, it’s key…… I guess I’ll have to do a more detailed review of this later tonight.

  2. Adam Says:

    Blegh. I don’t see much exciting about this at present. It was a minor pain to set up, and it’s the same icky Hotmail at the end of the process.

    Perhaps when Hotmail is actually halfway decent (e.g., like the new Y! Mail beta, which rocks, or like Gmail, which I also still like a lot) then it stands a chance of being interesting.

    But certainly not a very strong competitive advantage. I believe Yahoo already lets you map a personal domain to their mail interface, and I can’t imagine it’ll be longer than 58 days before Google does the same.

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