Windows Live Local is on too!

December 8, 2005

First I get a copy of Windows Live Messenger to play with and now Windows Live Local is up! I just played with Windows Live Local a little bit and all I have to say is: Wow. I’ll let these the bird’s eye view screen shot speak for itself. I’m impressed.

Google Maps just doesn’t look as impressive anymore…

I wonder if the Google fans will say “bleh, that’s nice eye candy but it’s a worthless feature”… just like the Microsoft and Y! fans said when Google Maps came out with satellite view πŸ˜‰


Scoble points to Vikram who has a more detailed review.


10 Responses to “Windows Live Local is on too!”

  1. Adam Says:

    It does look really nice! Also, MS Local seems to find more, well, local places than either Yahoo or Google for me.

    A couple downsides:
    – The UI is confusing to me.
    – You can’t pan-and-scan birdseye views.

    I’ll look forward to playing with it more later. As always, it’s great to see the competition!

  2. huey Says:

    it’s pretty nice looking, but trying to drag the birdseye view doesn’t work very well.

    it seems that the sequence of actions is: 1) click and then drag, 2) wait for jerky movement to happen, and then finally 3) move mouse around to get “normal” movement.

  3. MickoZ Says:

    Funny how they put those “beta”, just like google. I guess it is getting to be the defacto standard for “web apps” πŸ˜€

  4. rose Says:

    WHAT!!! :-O

    that’s my apt! why are you stalking me???

  5. Jon Says:

    I can’t believe that they have Albuquerque, NM, but not Houston, TX – America’s fourth largest city. Incredible.

  6. Wow I can not believe the depth at what the picture goes to. Really nice job by Microsft putting this otgether.Just took at look my my house and say my lawnmower incredible!

  7. kaim Says:

    As usual – google is grate for “NOT US” – As I’m from Moscow Russa, google is much better working. And also – it is not only for MS EXPLORER, as many of users do not use it =)

  8. MsN Says:

    Have you seen the beta for their social listing + networking service at, itlooks pretty neat. I just created a post but that failed.

  9. […] The first persuasion to check out Live Local came from reading Mark Jen’s blog. My reaction was “Is that Virtual Earth? that’s ok, I’ve seen it before when it launched just a few months back, it’s pretty nice, I could wait until they figure out what they’re calling themselves”. Late last night I saw a face I know hitting at the gym on my way out who actually works on the product, he looked tired and drained. We chattered a little and when we started to talk about Live Local he suddenly lighted up with all that passion and energy telling us about the push-pins and bird’s eye. I’m no mapping enthusiaste but when someone asked me for some driving direction in Vancouver today I thought I’d give it a shot.Here I’m tasked with getting the driving direction from one point to another with no physical address information. The direction was “driving from Richmond to Metrotown”. […]

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