Windows Live Messenger (MSN Messenger 8.0) Beta!

December 8, 2005

newmsgricon newmsgrlogin I wasn’t sure if Windows Live Messenger had been leaked yet, but it looks like it has (technorati search) so I’ve come to join in the fun.

For those of you who can’t wait, it looks like you can download the bits and then run a patch (here or here – download at your own risk) of some sort to make it work – they’ve locked it down by user account, so you need to trick the MSN service into thinking you’re running Messenger 7.5 if your account hasn’t been enabled for the beta.

So without further delay, let’s take a looksie! To the left is the new login screen. Like I said when I reviewed AIM Triton briefly, I’m a big fan of updated look & feel and Messenger 8.0 doesn’t disappoint. I like the new color scheme – except for the green messenger guy. I like the old blue-greenish guy better, but oh well.

Next, we have the actual contact list and IM window itself.


It looks remarkably similar to Messenger 7.5 with the addition of a few interesting bits:

  • MSN Video sell. You can watch videos off of MSN Video straight from the contact list.
  • There’s a find as you type box that dynamically filters your contact list while you type in a search phrase. It seems to key on your contacts’ display names, personal messages, and e-mail addresses.
  • Folder sharing – it looks like you can setup folder shares with other people pretty easily. Just create a shared folder and drag-drop stuff in there.
  • Enhanced contact card – they seem to be gradually increasing the amount of info you can store in Messenger’s contact list. They now have general contact info, personal info, work info, and a notes field. I hope there’s a plug-in API/infrastructure; if so, it’s time for a Plaxo plug-in! 🙂
  • You can change the top bar color – neat and probably relatively easy personalization feature

There seems to be an invite feature, but unfortunately, I won’t be able to invite anyone to the beta – I wasn’t provisioned any invites.


Well, that’s it for now. It looks like the IM arena is really heating up (check out my review on the new AIM if you haven’t already).


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  1. […] First I get a copy of Windows Live Messenger to play with and now Windows Live Local is up! I just played with Windows Live Local a little bit and all I have to say is: Wow. I’ll let these the bird’s eye view screen shot speak for itself. I’m impressed. […]

  2. Filip Says:


    do you actually use MSN? Correct me if I’m wrong but besides this client interface ballast, MSN protocol still cannot really deliver the message if the recipient is offline.

    Therefore, it is very unpleasant to use it. Has it changed already or not?

  3. nwistheone Says:

    man, i’m excited about messenger live. great screenshots.

  4. markjen Says:

    Hi Filip, I do use MSN as well as AIM. With Messenger 8.0, they have an Offline Instant Messaging service now, but it doesn’t seem to be working at the moment.

    What service are you currently using that is able to deliver offline messages? I know AIM Triton and GTalk can e-mail your buddies if they are offline… are you on one of those?


  5. misha Says:

    The offline message thingy doesnt work, but yahoo messenger has had one for ages from here

  6. filip Says:

    Hi Mark,

    icq can definitely deliver messages when the recipient is offline. Messages show up when he/she connects.

    I am not exactly sure, but I thing Jabber is also able to offer this kind of functionality.

  7. sam Says:

    is it free

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  13. Ambroos Says:

    Why wait for an invite, people who have the official beta just don’t need to use the proxie, but they don’t have a newer version than the illegal one

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    Hi everyone who is looking for an invite: I’m sorry, but I don’t have any to give out; if I had any extras, you better bet they’d be up on ebay – just kidding 😛

    Adam – you’ll never be cool enough for a gmail or orket invit! Silly Adam, invites are for kids 😀

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    Malware authors have produced a virus which poses as a test version the latest, as yet unreleased, version of MSN Messenger. The Virkel-F masquerades as “MSN Messenger 8 Working BETA” and is available from a bogus site as a supposedly leaked early version of the software.

    Windows users who download and run the malware (given the name BETA8WEBINSTALL.EXE by hackers) will fail to get the promised chat client. Instead their existing MSN Messenger client will start to send download links to everyone in their contact lists in a bid to encourage others to become infected. Infected machines will also become clients in a botnet network of compromised PCs.

    The social engineering trick uses interest in test version of Windows Live Messenger 8 – access to which is being auctioned on eBay – to hook victims. Anti-virus firm F-Secure has more on the Virkel-F threat.

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    i would like an invatation if u could send me one plz..i would appreciate it..thank you…

  245. tonya Says:

    oh my email is and this is tonya again ..thankyou

  246. erica Says:

    hellos . please invite me ..
    thank you ! =)

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    Could someone invite me to the live messenger please

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  254. Ahmed Says:

    May I have an invitation of MSN Messenger 8.0 I will love to have that

  255. chouckiegurl Says:

    i heard about the new msn beta,, i would like to try it,,,

  256. LeRoy Says:

    I would love to try your beta program I heart about..

  257. alice Says:

    i wud luv 2 hav it !

  258. Pari Says:

    Altho there is a long waiting list… I wud also like an invite 😉

  259. Stevey Says:

    Hey, if its ok can i have an invite for the live messenger that would be sweet!

  260. becca Says:

    can someone invite me at
    it would be greatly appreciated.

  261. brent tierney Says:

    can some1 please please pretty please give me an invite????? my email is:

  262. bader Says:

    hi guys
    msn.8.0 doesnt work 😦
    if any one want to hel ome my email is

    c ya

  263. nott Says:

    plz invite me too …im already beta testing live mail and onecare live…and would really love to test live messenger, and yes i do report bugs..

    plz send me an invite

    thank you

  264. snakes Says:

    plz invite me

  265. tom Says:

    plz can u invite me plz 😦
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  266. FoxMan Says:

    I would also like an invite..

    simonvos _(at)_

  267. Jan Says:

    if possible i could use an invitation.. plz thx

  268. Jan Says:

    forgot my email


  269. wael Says:

    plz tell me is it easy to use for chating and chearing with others bcs a lot of people told me that very complicated

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    Hey If You Want An E-mail Just Add Me On Msn Have Fun =P

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    Can I Get An Invite?

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  297. Haya, could you spare me an invite b vey greatfull…. thanx.

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    I’m Saira.
    I’ve windows Live Messenger Beta Invitation.
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    Can someone please invite for the beta testing of MSN 8.0 thanks! 🙂

  310. ALONSO Says:

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    thank you

  311. samal Munidasa Says:

    If you got msn 8.0 beta can you invite me please I’m begging you

  312. LUKE!! Says:




  313. Mudiy Says:

    i downloaded msn messenger thru a shareware program it turned out to be in french!!!!!! is there any possible way to turn it back to english???? plz send ur answers to tidzter[at]gmail[dot]com (sorry for the id format spam concerns

  314. hales Says:

    hey anyone could i have an invite too? please x

  315. Chris Says:

    the best msn ever made

  316. peg Says:

    arghhh! i instaleld it – b ut aint working.. 😡

  317. DePpReSiOniStS Says:

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    thank you

  348. jovi Says:

    who can invite me please

  349. Nick Taylor Says:

    Can someone please tell me when the new Messenger will be out? I’m dying to use it.

  350. Nick Taylor Says:

    email me to tell me at

  351. hoonzang Says:

    Please invite me,

  352. Kafeel Says:

    I think that it is stupid that on some computers it doesn’t let you download it.

  353. paul reagan Says:

    can i get one

  354. lewis mccook Says:

    hi what site can you go on to get msn 8.0 email me on tar.

  355. Darkstar Says:

    There is no MSN Messenger 8 yet. Not in public beta anyway. However, there’s a new virus going around pretending to be “MSN Messenger 8 Working BETA,” reports the F-Secure blog.

    “There’s two ways to catch it. First, by downloading it from a fake site where it has been supposedly “‘leaked’:If you download and run BETA8WEBINSTALL.EXE from that site, you won’t get a new chat client. Instead, your existing MSN Messenger will start to send download links to everyone in your contact list. It also connects your machine to a botnet server. The download link always contains the recipients’ email address. For example, if you’d have a friend with email address, he would get a download link like”.

    The F-Secure post also has screen shots.

    There is a new verion of Microsoft Messenger on the way: it’s called Microsoft Live Messenger. It is being beta tested at the moment, and you can follow its progress on the team’s blog, Inside Windows Live Messenger.

  356. Fred Says:

    I have one invitation left for someone who could help me publish a website! (which I’ll build myself, just the hosting part).

  357. Juggernaught Says:

    Hi all
    Would someone please mail me an invite at thanks a lot.

  358. sam Says:

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  365. Fred Says:

    I have one invitation left. As you do all merit to get it, I’ll give you a small quiz and the first to give the right answer will get the invitation. Fair enough?
    Question: How many provinces will be in the Democratic Republic of Congo if the draft constitution is approved?
    See ya!

  366. Omer Says:

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  367. christina Says:

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  390. Peter Says:

    Has anyone got the web site where i can download msm beta from,or can they e-mail me at Hope to hear from someone really soon!

  391. shay Says:

    can i have msn 8?..loves it!.


  392. mcfly babe Says:

    please can you send me an invatioan to msn beta!? thanks alot xoxo

  393. mcfly babe Says:

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    please invite me i have just downloaded it and it is not letting me on to it :(i really want to check it out my addy is!! pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeees!!

  402. Harriet Says:

    thank you!! but how do i recieve the invite oh please!!

  403. aimee Says:

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    Hi Mark,
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  421. Desperate Says:


    i’m hoping to get an invitation to the Beta too …. thanks

  422. shoequeen Says:

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  424. Courttney Says:

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  425. Andrés Albornoz Says:

    Please send me an invite to me too!!!!

  426. me Says:

    u dont need to begg for anyone just enter the site and then just enter live and submit then after 2 weeks the windows live messenger will send u the invite and 2 days after u will have 5 invites
    any problems contact me

  427. me Says:

    i have invites
    i will send to girls no boys

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    hey guys
    I have 4 invites left, if anyone’s interested 🙂 just sign my guestbook with your email and I’ll send you one!

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    please invite me to msn messenger 8.0

  440. Luie Says:


    Go to and get yourself registered for Live Windows. You should get an invitation from Microsoft. Once registered you have to wait for 10-15days for another invitation after that it works. At least in my case it worked.

    Take Care!!!!!

  441. sos Says:

    pleas invite me to messenger 8.0

  442. joe Says:

    please invite me to messenger 8.0

  443. kris Says:

    oioi party ppl add me plz thnks n me m8 we love2 talk lol

  444. michael hill Says:

    hey id like the new msnger plz bein in the army means i travel i need new msnger! cheers

  445. Bonjour:
    J’aimerais bien acceder au nouveau site 8.0 beta,car j’en ais entendus parler en bien.

    P:S”En vous remercients a l’avance.

  446. thamyres Says:

    msn beta 8.0

  447. Geurt Says:

    Can someone send me an Invate (maybe i’m to late but i can try it)

    Thanks alot!

    Greetz Geurt

  448. elizabeth gerard Says:

    hello id like 8.0 version can u invite me plz?? it looks good!!

  449. rhysey Says:

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  450. rhysey Says:

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  462. carlos Says:

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  463. Amela Says:

    I use msn 8.o beta but it doesn’t work…I always get this message”the passport ID use to sign in is not allowed to this beta version of messenger.810003cc…can you please help me,???
    write me :

  464. Debora Says:

    heii.. i’ve been having the same problem as the girl above..
    i dont know why that’s happening..
    please help me

  465. johan Says:

    Can someone please invite me. I would appreciate it.


    My email is

  466. michael Says:

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  472. shell Says:

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  483. -x-blonde-bitch-x- Says:

    it s crap it dnt even work it deleted al my contacts on msn a bit! wanka!

  484. Wilson Says:

    please send me an invite:

  485. Rolando Says:

    Can someone please add me???

    My E-mail is

    thank you…

  486. henry Says:

    hey peeps.. what’s up…? please help a brother out and send me a invitation… that would b apreciated

  487. goku Says:

    Can someone please invite me

  488. Mentor Says:

    please send me an invite:
    Thank youuuuu

  489. Evangle Says:

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  490. brian Says:

    plz tell me how to download the new msn 8.0 send it to me, my msn is

  491. Danny Says:

    hey can someone plz send me an invite

  492. Somebody thats Pissed Says:

    how many fuckin invites…GOD!
    msn 8 is such a scam and my friend sed it sux like shit.
    dont fall into the fuckin trap! How many ppl could b so stupid to download a fuckin scam!
    Geez…I say fuck a lot…
    Well dont dowload it until msn ses its actually fuckin real..
    The ur sure u wont get a fucking scam!!!

    Nah jks…It probably is a scam though so i wouldn’t just download it. I’m gonna wait until msn is letting you download it coz othawise i dont think its safe. And i certinately dont want a virus on my new laptop.

    Once again FUCK, man i love that word…
    Nick A.K.A. the fucker

  493. eli mizrahi Says:

    please send me invitaion

  494. ben Says:

    hi how can i get an 8.0 new msn

  495. excali26 Says:

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  497. sam Says:

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  498. Cruz Says:

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  499. […] Der er også en ny MSN messenger 8.0 på vej og efter jeg har testet den lidt må jeg sige der ikke er de helt store ændring ud over man nu kan “rename” sine kontakter hvilket har været efterspurgt siden version -0. Designet ser lidt mere “Liret”ud, men ikke nok. […]

  500. Samuel Says:

    Messenger beta 8.0 it is so cool. It is hundred times better than MSN messenger 7.5.

  501. mancy Says:

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  502. Says:

    if any body have msn 8.0 plis holla me! 😀

  503. aRNI RUNARSSON Says:

    I NEED the beta

  504. Zachary Says:

    i was wondering y dowe have to have a invitation thats sorta gay but ne ways im a great fan of msn i have 569 ppl on my list so i was wonderin could u send that invitation to me id highly respect that

  505. mee Says:

    hey jo man

  506. bianka Says:

    can i download beta 8.0 please
    i really want it i had a minite ago
    but i had to delete it because it was not working
    for my email address please write back from bianka

  507. bianka Says:

    please let me download beta 8.0 i really want it it looks really cool
    how do i get it

  508. shaun Says:

    hey can u send me a invite or sumink for msn 8 beta pls

  509. cowgirl_yeah4 Says:

    please,, Invate Me!!

  510. kaci Says:

    invite me please, my other msn (7.5) is naffed. so i cant use it

  511. Dady_Davidoff Says:

    Can someone give me invite too 😀
    I am looking for friends too…so if someone invite me, put me on your msn msg so we will chat together 😉
    Kisses My friends…

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    how do u get msn messenger 8.0 email me plz ?

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    Por favor me pueden enviar esa invitación cualquier persona que consiga ser invitada yo are lo mismo por uds….. muchas gracias

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    If someone has an invite for the Msn Messenger 8.0 left Invite me PLEASE

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    could you please send me an invitation, ill thank you a lot

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    hey can someone send me an invite plz!!!

  530. astrid Perez Says:

    Join the new Messenger

  531. nishaa Says:

    OKay so how du u get this and when cause i want it:)

  532. Lyndsay Says:

    how can u down laod msn 8.0 beta id really like to now

  533. ashleigh Says:

    I think you need to get 8.0 out quicker because I am so over 7.5 and I think you should give some more winks and emotions for free even if they are crappy. You should have some better colours for your writing and on your name you should get to choose some different fonts and colours. They’re just some basic ideas from the top of my head.
    thankyou for taking my ieas Ashleigh

  534. alcohollica Says:

    plz , and plz, and plz, send me this invation!!!


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    thanx very much

  538. hamada Says:

    this is a very nice

  539. lee Says:

    can you tell me how to get it that will be good for people that want it !!!!!

  540. Tiffany Says:

    This is a great messenger thank you for getting the word out.

    How may I down load it I can’t wait to use it please let me know, thank you very much.


  541. abbie Says:

    msn is not letting me on?

  542. ChulisnaKi Says:

    Please Help me I cant Sign in in Messenger beta 8.0 It says something about 810003cc error. Please if you Know how to fix it please email me.

  543. Caite aus Says:

    how do u get msn messenger 0.8 like it dont say anyfing about it!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

  544. natalie Says:

    HELP!!!! it says i cnt sign in with my I.D. somthin bout an error 810003cc, i dunno wat dat even means, bt i dnt get yi cnt get in, now i av 2 use da crapie verison, if u no how to get in, advice, help fix it or ANYTHING please email me on

  545. mike_a2b Says:

    hey, i have live messenger 8 and its the best instant messaging out there, i have had no problems with it and its just so much easier and simpler to do more technical stuff with msn……


    p.s. i have a few invites for special people (

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  561. PINAR Says:

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  562. ebru Says:

    how can i change the language???? i installed msn 8.0 but it’s german!!! why???

  563. thiago Says:

    invite me, msn beta 8.0

  564. Amanda Says:

    how do u dowm load it?

  565. Dharmin Says:

    my e-mail is but when i sign in it says that it is enable to sign with msn 8.0 beta. so pls tell me how can sign in. reply me soon as possible

  566. Chris Says:

    Kewl i want an invite lol!

  567. nevena Says:

    i need invitaion for msn live please

  568. mathias Says:

    Hi, can anyone please send me an invite as well. Thanks a lot!

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  575. the msn is not open please help me

  576. napstag Says:

    Can sum1 please invite me pls pls cause it’s a state of emergency too!!! LOL!!!

  577. napstag Says:

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  591. Extreem Says:

    C’est fais … you just accepted an invitation ….

  592. dan Says:

    hi im a bit confused about this windows live thing so can someone invite me because everytime i take it off my pc and download msn 7.5 it comes up again so i need an invite…

  593. dan Says:

    extreem i added you so can you invite me please?

  594. eXTreem Says:

    OK DAN ……

  595. ADAM Says:

    can you invite me plz
    thans alot if you do
    and if not 🙂

  596. c Says:

    hi, if anyone has an invite to the beta version, please send it to me =) thanks!

  597. Extreem Says:

    your E-Mail hotmail for u inv !!!

  598. dan Says:

    i still can’t sign on…

  599. jóna Says:

    can you send me a invite

    Pretty please =)

  600. eXTreeeeeeeeeem Says:

    Jona I send it …..

  601. dan Says:


  602. sageda Says:

    hi my name is sageda… plez invite me because i have i have 7.5 and my frendz are teasing me and beating (truly) because i dont have it… and i our school… pear pressure is so hard.. pleaz invite me…

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    pour vous inviter postez votre E-Mail hotmail

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    extreeem, may i also have an invite please? 🙂 my email is thanks!

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  607. George Says:

    Can anyone please send me an invitation?
    Thanx in advance

  608. leiruto Says:

    please can anyone invite me to join y see all the pictures and it look COOOOOLLLLL an ROCK

  609. leiruto Says:

    i forgot my email please invite me i like this new look

  610. yadi Says:

    i whant to dowlaod msn beta 8.0

  611. jessica Says:

    can som 1 invite me please plzzzz

  612. craig Says:

    hi can sum1 send me an invitation pls. id realli appreciate it. lol

  613. extreem Says:

    22 invitations en stock !!!
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  614. Rambler Says:

    This WLM 8 is a real fucking piece of shit!!!

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  617. doomsday machine Says:

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    Please send me invitation.Thanks.

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    Being Beta User
    PLease Invite me as Beta User…

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  626. PLEASE having Msn Messanger 8.9 beta in frensch

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    please someone sens me in my e-mail messenger 8.0 or 7.5 please

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    invite me to msn 8.0 id love to try a better program thnks

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    msn is wel good im on it like every night can someone please please send me an invite to this new msn version it look reli cool!!! lol!! thanks x x….

  642. Anabel Says:

    i want to try the new msn, a friend toll me that it is really cool ‘cus ur contacts didn’t see you online if you want

  643. shit Says:

    Wut the hell where is te damn ownload section frick can msn ppl get even mare supider???

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  648. Hello,
    i really like this msn version 8 but i dont have it i would like to get it cos i no is nice as i hear from people

  649. Corbin Says:

    hahah what the fuck. look at all these people begging for an invitation. how come you need one? do u need it to get msn 8.0 because i didnt get one and i just downloaded it from hahahahaha well if thats what u are looking for suck shit….your all dumshits (no offence) im just stating the obvious. well someone write back to me and tell me im right

  650. Mora Bertoncini Says:

    quiero barjarme el nuevo msn 8.0

  651. sami Says:

    can sum1 plz send me an invite for this cos i cnt sign in and had 2 delete it and now i cnt install it
    thnx xox

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    I would like to try this, also, please

  662. i want this it’s wicked

  663. june 24,2006
    ca’t wait to install my msn beta 8.0

  664. markjen Says:

    Oh my goodness, this post is out of control 🙂

    For those of you who are asking for invites to Windows Live Messenger, you don’t need one anymore – it’s available for everyone now. To get Windows Live Messenger, just go to and you’ll be all set. Thanks!

  665. rikwobben Says:

    ik wil msn 8.0 nu meteen echt waar anders ga ik vloeken en schelden

  666. leandro de barros Says:

    eu quero o msn 8.0 beta

  667. Kara Says:

    hey what exactly does 8.0 do thats better than 7.5, y is it better, will it replace my old one, like if I get it and dont like it, will I be able 2 get the old one back, the 7.5 version, whats so great about 8.0?

  668. sadallah Says:

    thank you very much

  669. adham Says:


  670. sam Says:

    can i have an invite for mess live, i hav been looking everywhere and i really want it

  671. sam Says:

    oh and my email is and u can hav an invite to gmail if u want

  672. dayana Says:

    heey mensen !!!!!
    hoe is het?
    wat vinden jullie van msn ???
    ik vind het coolllll !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  673. alberto Says:

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  674. I would like to install msn messenger

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    how to downlaod msn messerger?

  679. Adriana Thiem Says:

    Ich möchte die Dowlod machen… Wie mache ich das??? Danke

  680. lori Says:

    I have it worse than everyone- I don’t know what version I have and I don’t know how to change the language! It’s in Chinese or something and I cannot read it!! If you know what to do (aka click the 2nd button on the toolbar kind of easy directions) will you please email me at

  681. andrew Says:

    hey this andrew plz send me an invite i rly want n need 8.0.

  682. medinah Says:

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  686. KK Says:

    Hey my MSN 8.0 isnt working everytime i try to log on it tells me to trouble shoot. I clicked on that but it told me that it couldnt find the problem. It has happened before but those times i just had to log out then log back in but no it isnt workin and it annoys me me please help!

  687. fatih Says:

    ı search s gırl

  688. Chris Perry! Says:

    hi. im not sure where i am now. i just want to download msn messenger but keep getting sent to download windows live messenger which i don’t want! I quite simply do not want windows live messenger, i want msn messenger!!! this isnt so hard to understand when described to a human but my computer doesnt understand no matter how much i shout at it.
    I would very much like to download msn messenger, can anyone help??!?!?! and please don’t give me a link to windwows live messenger coz i mite actually scream.


  689. Chris Perry! Says:

    my msn is please add me and please help me 🙂

    please.. i no u clever people who can use computers can help me. !! plllease!

  690. wardy Says:

    my msn isnt working it tells me 2 trouble shoot all the time plz help me ASAP

  691. wardy Says:

    plz help need 2 tlak 2 my girlfrend she is in france plz help plz xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  692. tarek Says:

    can someone invite me to live messenger

  693. tarek Says:

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  710. hellow humans I really dont know nothing uhhhh mm i just went into newlifemsn becuase i wnat to get that wnat ihave the old kind of msn so thats why ummmmm *** thats it would somebody please please please please!!!! tell me how to get the new life mesenger pleaseeeeee or else i would die with out it ok bye bye people see yeah!!!!!!!

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    Please send me your instruction how to do that.

  719. gafton sorina Says:

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  720. Elina Says:

    Please, send me the invititation …. I want to get msn messenger 8.0

  721. almas fazal Says:

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  722. Amore Says:

    Luogo interessante, buon disegno, lo gradisco, signore! =)

  723. nivine kazan Says:

    hi plz i want to know how to download the windows live messenger (msn messenger 8.0)beta … ???? from this page .. ?? and if anyone can send the ansr a messeger to my mail … and thnx alote ….

  724. enis Says:

    plz can u send me a 8.0 mesenger my friend has one and it is realy nise plz

  725. clarisa Says:

    can i please get and invitation

  726. rachel Says:

    please please some1 invite me

  727. Tommy Says:

    look ppl on msn 7.5 rite there was coulor in my name but its not working on 8.0 how do i get it working ( My m8 can c it in coulor but i carnt c it in coulor on my addy page ) Can some 1 tell me how 2 switch the coulor bk on ?? 😦

  728. shahad ahmad Says:

    i want to dawnload massnger 8.0

  729. yasser Says:

    i want to be a mecanice

  730. JAMES Says:


  731. eni Says:

    hello there i need msn beta 8.0

  732. gigi Says:

    hi cant u send me the msn 8.0 beta in french or english pls tank.s

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  742. mega Says:

    hi, i am using msn messenger 7.5 now. some problem occur when i try to delete it. it is unable to delete from add/remove programs. that make windows live messenger is unable to install propely. could you help to solve ??
    and how do windows live messenger can work in msn messenger beta ? and also msn messenger beta can work in windows live messenger beta ? pl give suggest.

  743. mega Says:

    hi, now i am working on msn messenger 7.5. but some problem occur when i try to delete it from add/remove program. now it is unable to delete at all. can you help to solve ??
    and how to support msn messenger 7.5 beta to work on windows live messenger beta ? and how is windows live messenger beta can work on msn messenger 7.5 beta .
    can you suggest ? thx

  744. mosty Says:


  745. MARCOS DYONI Says:

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  746. rawan Says:

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  747. rawan Says:

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  748. rawan Says:

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  749. yulys feliz Says:

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  750. fhdi Says:

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  751. beth Says:

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  752. jules Says:

    hey all i want to join ,cuz i want to updsate but dont know how to,help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11

  753. shae Says:

    hey im shaina well you see i think that when you go here there should be a download thing so you can download it like duh! how dumb could you get! like no one is going to vist your site if they cant download anything off of it! so yeah the next time someone comes on your site their gonna go right off but first theyll want to post a letter to burn you of how stuipid your site is with no download button……… ok? anyway if you have msn add me plz!

  754. kate Says:

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  756. Stephanie Thomas Says:

    where do i go to download msn 8.0?

  757. andres Says:

    i need da messennger but my hotmail not working is an shit where do i download??? me msn. is

  758. Sarah Says:

    Plz will you send me a invite 4 msn 8.0 beta

  759. chloe Says:

    heyy can u please send me an invite too 🙂 thankyou

  760. berta Says:

    please i cant sign in my window live massenger can u help me thanx

  761. hiutopor Says:


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  762. Exerul Says:

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    I want to down load PLAXO msn to chat with plaxo member. How I will down load it?

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    Thanking you
    B regards

  763. dale Says:

    i think this whole thing is just stupid because it says that the messanger that i have witch is 7.5 is too old and i have to download the new version but every time i do that i cant cause it says i have to be the adminastra so i tried it on my dads account and it signed in fine but i went on mine and it still says that the messanger is too old so what the hell is going on im fed up with it is dumb i also go on msn every day of the year nearly then i go on it today and its bogoured why the sudden change
    yours truly dale

  764. Cory Says:

    To dale, if you see this

    You are still running the old version when the new version has been installed, find the new version in C:/Program Files

  765. Anne Says:

    Someone please help me. I cant set up windows live messenger on my laptop.I have got windoes live messenger plus on it but every time i go and press run it says that i need to install windows live messenger but i cant it wont install i have tried and tried but it wont worked i need to talk to my friends i am getting bored. Please someone help me i really cant do it!!!!!!!!!!!!!PLEASE i am begging you help me i cant do it i need some help.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Please!!!PLEASE.PLEASE.PLEASE.PLEASE.PLEASE.PLEASE!!!!

  766. samal Says:

    hahaha losers i got this a year ago!Can i be any1BF

  767. samal Says:

    haha losers i got msn 8.1 1 year ago!

  768. samal Says:

    nvm about number 835 it was a mistake. raymond wrote it

  769. yolimar Says:

    gracias por el msn

  770. tammy Says:

    if you are nice to me i will be nice to you

  771. darrell ramsey Says:

    plzz add me thankzz i really dnt have enough emails plzzz add me

  772. darrell ramsey Says:

    am just saying to everyone has msn gone add me

  773. hi people could use please add me on msn plzzz…

    my msn addey is

  774. semsem Says:

    hee i know that massenger is avery good one for chat

  775. elf Says:

    i downloaded msn 8.0 windows live messenger and it’s in french! how do i change it???
    from elf

  776. ivana Says:


  777. Ezgi Says:

    how can i change my language on windows live messenger???

  778. Amani Says:

    Hey can you send me an invite? I really want to use this messenger BETA!
    Thanks 😀

  779. hryrn Says:

    hi.. your_luck_this_evening@live.

  780. delawar Says:

    i want one msn messenger

  781. delawar Says:


  782. delawar Says:

    i need a messenger

  783. fatma Says:

    thank u

  784. steph Says:

    can sumwan plzzz tell me aw to get msn8.0 plz realy want it n cant find it any were it doen me ed in:P n you put a stupid site on ere sayin you can downloads it here! wen you dont have a (download now button) pls tell me aw to download x x if ya got msn plz add me

  785. azmi Says:

    msn is a good messenger

  786. diana Says:

    add me to ur msn

  787. diana Says:

    can u add me to ur msn

  788. Khalid Says:

    Send it to my email

  789. elgadaf Says:

    a pe hani ka ni mut

  790. stroitelstvo Says:

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  791. ffion Says:

    i cant sing in to any msn i need halp asap

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  793. Только со второго прочтения поноял о чем речь. Сенкс

  794. awad khaled Says:


  795. angie Says:

    hey people just want to say want a msm really bad well hope you pick me to be you r msm and i will be waiting.

  796. rebecca Says:

    hi people i don’t no if you are having the same problem but i can’t sign into my msn it keeps saying that they can’t sigh me in does anyone have the same problem????

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