Haiping is starting a blog!

December 14, 2005

Since w.bloggar is working like a champ, I’ll go ahead and blog a few more quickies.

One of my co-workers here at Plaxo, Haiping, recently asked me how to start blogging. After discussing a few of his options, we decided that he’d get the most flexibility if I hosted his blog on my site; thus, http://haiping.plaxoed.com was born.

hpblog Interesting thing is that Haiping was actually on my team at Microsoft when I worked on Indigo (XML Web Services). When he quit Microsoft to join Plaxo, I remember receiving an update request from him, but I ignored it :$ Later, when I interviewed at Plaxo, I was pleasantly surprised that he was here as well 🙂

I asked Haiping what he’ll be blogging about and he said he’d probably talk about coding style and writing clean code. I bet it’ll be an interesting dev blog to read; Haiping has developed quite a mastery of MySQL during his time here at Plaxo and I’m sure some people will be interested in his opinions on software development.

Anyways, welcome to the blogosphere Haiping!


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