Lunch @ Google

December 15, 2005

Joseph (one of my co-workers) and I hopped on over to Google for lunch yesterday and it was quite an interesting scene. (No we didn’t have to sneak in like Michael reported on over at TechCrunch, we both know plenty of people who work there legitimately)

Since I’d last been there months and months ago, it feels like the number of employees at the Googleplex as doubled. That might actually be the case since they’ve been hiring like gangbusters, but while we were walking around the insane growth rate was actually palatable.

Particularly telling was when Joseph asked one of our hosts how many people he thought he probably knew in the lunch crowd. He thought for a moment and said “umm… none”. That was obviously a hyperbole, but it’s probably got a bit of truth in it too. So many new employees are starting every week and it’s so hectic that you probably only end up knowing a small group of people within the company. Such is life at a big company I suppose; I’m quite glad I’m still able to know everyone on the Plaxo team relatively well 🙂

They’ve also opened building 43 since I’d last been there and it looks quite nice. Joseph commented on how they seem to have painted over all the bright colors SGI used to have and replaced them with blank white walls everywhere. There are still splashes of color here and there but most everything is white.

The lunch was good as usual and we scored some Naked smoothies too on our way out. I wouldn’t mind visiting more often – although I’m not sure if I’m technically supposed to visit… either way, if any Googlers out there want to invite me for lunch sometime, I’d be happy to join ya 😉


One Response to “Lunch @ Google”

  1. Dru Says:

    Uh, dude, uh, get me next time 🙂

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