A honest used car dealer? At least it seems so to me…

December 23, 2005

HeaderI’ve always distrusted car dealers, and I’m sure many of you do too. But when I bought my 2004 Audi S4 this time, I actually ran into a few used car salesmen with integrity. Sound like an oxymoron? Not at Burlingame European.

First, their transparency. My car was being sold under consignment (the dealer is selling it on behalf of a private party) and as we went back and forth on the price, the salesperson pretty quickly gave me the sellers minimum requested price + a marginal $200 commission (which I was more than happy to pay).

Next, during the purchase process, the staff was actually very nice. The dealership is a family owned business and I was able to talk to a few of the people who worked there; all very nice people. They made me a bagel with cream cheese and some tea. Ask for Bart, Sam, or Al, they are all great to work with. Say hi to them for me; oh, and don’t worry, I’m not getting a single dime for this post or for any referrals – now if that’s not a sign of true customer satisfaction, I don’t know what is…

Finally, they made a $600 mistake. We got to the bottom of it and I see what happened; Bart quoted me a price, I repeated that price to Sam, who put it into the computer and then refigured it differently, and I got the car for $600 less than originally agreed upon. After we figured out the mess, they said to not worry about it. Because of the mix-up, they aren’t going to make any money on the transaction, but they just let it go because the contract was signed and they wanted the buying experience to be great at Burlingame. (Yes, legally they were screwed, but I’m sure they could’ve played some tricks if they wanted to. My financing hadn’t been processed, etc.)

I’ve been to a lot of car dealerships, all brands, in Michigan and Seattle, looking at all different types of cars (I’m kind of a car nut). I’ve never had a better experience than this past Wednesday. If I ever decide to buy another car, I’ll definitely be going back there.

Now, maybe I’m being taking for a ride and it’s all a show, but I don’t think so.

Open and transparent used car salesmen, but closed and censored blog conversations? I must be stuck in bizzaro world! 😀


3 Responses to “A honest used car dealer? At least it seems so to me…”

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