uh oh spaghettios

January 31, 2006


I wonder if this is just the beginning or if the worst part of the slide is over…


2 Responses to “uh oh spaghettios”

  1. Jorg Says:

    At one point in after-hours trading, they had nearly touched 350 – off 19%; the last after-hours trade was apparently 381.10 – off “only” 12%.

    Could this be – gasp! – the end of their triple-digit P/E ratio?

  2. mark Says:

    Well, Google is coming up with all sorts of services and products. Looks as if it does not want any competitors to stand in front of him.

    It is good that Google has been offering so much goodies. We all have trust in Google..

    But what about a site http://www.organicspam.com that has openly raised sword against Google. Will have to say that this is definitely a bold move.

    I am not totally in support of the site but it is a good step to say your concerns.Perhaps these webmasters have suffered because of “possible Google manipulations”.. Worth visiting because I found some serious “behind the scenes” information about Google..I am a bit skeptical about Google now..

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