I got 5 more Windows Live Messenger invites

February 1, 2006

First 5 people to comment on this post with real passport.NET e-mail addresses get ’em 🙂


16 Responses to “I got 5 more Windows Live Messenger invites”

  1. kevin Says:

    how serendipitous.

  2. Joey Chen Says:

    what is it? i do have a .net username

    same as my email

  3. Jason Says:

    ooh i’ll take one… my .NET username is the same as my email address

  4. Kendal Says:

    Hi! Cool! My email used in this comment is my passport.net (I use it for msn, but if that doesn’t cut it, please invite drumming_away@hotmail.com instead!). Thanks!

  5. Tosh Meston Says:

    Am I #5?

  6. Duke Geren Says:

    Hey Mark, I would love one if you have it to spare.



  7. meandering Says:

    hi!! can I please have one if you have any more left.

    M Light

  8. Adam Says:

    You have made your comments feed *COMPLETELY AND UTTERLY USELESS* with this Live stuff. Bleh.

  9. Ron Says:

    Hi Mark!

    I’d like one, if you have more, or if someone else has one?

  10. I am a little confused here, you offer invitations however, it seems that you can join in no matter what anyway, as if no invitation is required, maybe you’re offering something else I a missing…

  11. david yang Says:

    even though it’s too late.. in the spirit of the Internet:

    me too!

  12. jordan friday Says:

    please can i have one my net passport address is tlk2jayday@hotmail.co.uk

  13. The Noon Says:

    Generous soul you, I totally missed the boat on this one, here too late. But, what is Live Messenger anyway to someone who doesn’t us IM? :)/;)

  14. Fabricio Says:

    lease send me a invite please :)))

  15. Louis Says:

    ldersh at hotmail dot com

  16. jason Says:

    ive seen windows live messenger 8. could someone please send me an invatation?

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