February 7, 2006

Seattle 2.4.2006 025This past weekend, I went up to Seattle to visit Rose (and watch the Seahawks lose 😦 ). On Saturday, we went shopping at Bellevue Square (a large upscale shopping mall in Bellevue, WA) and Rose bought an iRobot Roomba Discovery. I was pretty skeptical about the Roomba; after all those advertisements for Dyson vacuum cleaners about how important suction is, I figured the Roomba wouldn’t be very effective at all. However, Rose was pretty sold on not having to vacuum anymore and I thought it looked like a fun toy, so she made it hers 🙂

Seattle 2.4.2006 027We got back to her apartment and while she was cooking dinner for me and some guests, I set up Roomba and let it charge up. After we finished dinner, we noticed the pulsing amber light had turned to solid green, announcing that Roomba was ready to rock. So with much anticipation, we hit the “Clean” button and stepped back…

do doo doo doooo! said Roomba and started cleaning. It wasn’t the smartest about choosing a path around the room, but it did pick up a ton of stuff. I wasn’t sure if it was psychological, but after Roomba was done, the room definitely looked much cleaner. Nice job Roomba! 😀

Now it makes me want to get one… must… resist…


4 Responses to “roooomba!”

  1. Martin Says:

    I got one for my mom for Christmas, and it’s a nice little thing. I really like how it finds its charging base when the battery gets low or it’s done with a room. There’s definitely some great AI in there.

  2. rose Says:

    i need a diiiiishba. and a traaaaaaashba. and a maaaarkba.

  3. Dana Says:

    So sorry my Steelers had to demolish the Seahawks 🙂 We had to do it for Jerome. Love reading the blog, great work.

  4. Chen Says:

    I just got one from my girlfriend this morning; this little thing did a lot of cleaning I normally just ignored. Very interesting technology.

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