Spongecell launch party

February 7, 2006

Spongecell Launch Party 2.1.2006 017Joseph just reminded me that I forgot to blog about the Spongecell release party. We checked it out last Wednesday and it was pretty cool; basically, they rented out a small cafe in the SF mission district and had free drinks and snacks for everyone. They had fun decorations, but unfortunately it was really dark so I wasn’t able to snap too many pictures.

We got a chance to talk to two of the three people behind Spongecell; lots of good ideas flying back and forth. Plaxo has had a web-based calendar that syncs with Outlook for years, and clearly, there’s a lot of innovation we can benefit from happening in the space right now 🙂

Spongecell Launch Party 2.1.2006 001Before the party, Joseph and I picked up some cheesesteaks at a local joint. I love the little small places you can grab a quick bite at in the city. Since moving to the southbay, it seems that there are just a ton of fast food chains down here and not too many cozy little hangouts.

A few pictures on Flickr, unfortunately, many of them are a bit too dark :S


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