jajah, the new skype?

February 8, 2006

jajahjajah, a different idea for VoIP, launched today. Basically, you put in your phone number and the number you want to call. Then, jajah connects the numbers together for insanely low rates (as low as a cent a minute I think).

How does this compete with Skype? Well, it means if I randomly need to call my dad in China on my cell phone, I can hit up jajah’s site through my mobile browser, type in the numbers and get connected for $0.0191 / minute. Compare that with $3.50 / minute through Cingular’s international long distance… suck it Cingular!


5 Responses to “jajah, the new skype?”

  1. Kostia Says:

    This type of service is nothing new, though. I have seen it working and with paying customers in 1997 or even before.

    Skype is different.

  2. Michael Says:

    Nice find – and even in German! Surprisingly their European office is in Luxemburg – as well as the Skype office…

    btw: There seemed to be some routing issues to your website. My ISP has set an alternative routing since there was some sort of roadblock (maybe a squid munching at the transatlantic cables…).

  3. JAJAH.BLOG Says:

    JAJAH Web enthuses VoIP community…

    Big thanks to all webloggers and online writers around the world for your very warm welcome. Here you’ll find a small excerpt of what people are talking about our all new JAJAH Web:
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  4. sam Says:


    We have developed a Desktop phone buddy for Jajah, which will take the currently selected number in a windows application and dial the number using a hot key, plus redial and quick dial functionality.

    Great in a business environment, like ours…

    Download at http://www.jajahphonebuddy.com

    please try out and give us feedback….

  5. VoIP Says:

    You can compare Jajah with Skype over here; http://www.voipproducts.eu
    You can see that Jajah is not always cheaper than Skype.

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