Upgraded WP and got a new host

February 11, 2006

I upgraded to WordPress 2.0 and switched from GoDaddy hosting to DreamHost this morning. If anything strange is going on, please let me know. Thanks!

One reason for the upgrade was I wanted to try Akismet; since it’s built-in to WP 2.0, I figured why not upgrade 🙂 Anyone have good/bad experiences with Akismet?


8 Responses to “Upgraded WP and got a new host”

  1. Elliott Back Says:

    I have had only good experience with Akismet. Clearly, since it protects thousands of blogs, it can identify comment spam by metrics like gross rate and similarity which are invisible to an individual blog. I love it.

  2. stuart Says:

    It annoyed me how you had to sign up for an api key at wordpress.com to get Akismet working. I use Spam Karma as it has more features than Akismet and seems to catch less false-positives (in my experience.) It can also email you reports showing how much spam it has caught. You can get it from here: http://unknowngenius.com/blog/wordpress/spam-karma/

  3. Devin Says:

    I haven’t seen a single spam comment for over a month (I too did some re-organizing).

  4. Aqeel Says:

    Akismet is good, never had any bad experience with it, yet. 🙂

    BTW why did you change your hosting? anything wrong with godaddy? just curious as I was thinking about getting their hosting too 🙂

  5. markjen Says:

    Cool, so far it looks like Akismet is working (although a lot of my comments now require moderation whereas they used to go through just fine).

    I changed hosting providers becuase GoDaddy is cheap for one domain, but if you want to host more than one, it starts adding up quickly. For $10/month, Dreamhost lets you host unlimited domains/subdomains and keep unlimited # of databases – plus, you can get shell access.

  6. Sudar Says:

    Hi Mark,

    I was hit my comment spam last month and I started to get around 100 spam comments every day. I used to manually delete each one of them. Then I upgraded to WP 2.0 and started using Akismet and now it takes care of my comment spam. And my experience with Akismet so far is very very good and I highly recommend it to you.

    Check out this post of mine

  7. anto_rennes Says:

    Dreamhost hosting plans have great features for amazing prices but there are no MS hosting plans!
    Other cheap companies like godaddy or 1and1.com at least let you choose!

  8. rose Says:

    hi, I’m posting my nerdy comment too.

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