How come white guys always get asian girls?

February 15, 2006

Hehe, Rose sent me a funny documentary about it: yellow fever.

Somehow I managed to escape the problem ๐Ÿ™‚


21 Responses to “How come white guys always get asian girls?”

  1. rose Says:

    weren’t you PART of the problem…?

  2. chen Says:

    as an asian guy, i respectfully disagree.. ๐Ÿ˜›

  3. Subi Says:

    Thank your for introducing the funny documentary. ^^

  4. MickoZ Says:

    Haha, that one was funny and very well done. I badly needed to laugh today!!

    And… I am guilty (being a caucasian with an asian gurl’) ๐Ÿ˜€ however like someone else said here, I won’t say it is that of a problem for asian guys. From my observation asian guys are often surrounded with asian girls.

    The asian guy who did the video also do music (, I haven’t looked at all his stuff yet, but so far it gets me interested!

  5. Meghan Says:

    Don’t know. White guys always gross me out. I love Asian guys. ^_^

  6. bo Says:

    well you dont see the other way around for many reasons, a big one is that whites are generally bigger than chinese…as a chinese guy, i dont want to date a girl whos arm and leg is bigger than mine, i go to gym and exercise regularly so i am average size. Speaking generally from a guy’s perspective, a smaller partner makes us feel more like men, that we can protect them, comfort them… to me proportion is beauty ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. qupis95 Says:

    I searched for such site. Thanks you

  8. exquisit Says:

    to me, as a “white” guy… all though I’m Jewish but I constantly get “Hispanic” for my appearance… it seems that Asian girls are not that easy to get, even if you’re white.
    See, Asian guys have the advantage because they know the culture and the way of life, they’re more femiliar with it, so they can get the Asian girls… that is unless they’re not interested in them, but if their desire is just the same towards them as mine is, being a “white” guy, then I’d say it is they who are advantaged.

    ‘Cause I see that me being an outsider, I gotta do something extremely special to win her heart and not only that but I gotta be consistently cool, otherwise she’d lose interest eventually… but Asian guys are like the same “kind” so to speak, so they feel more at home and relate to them, whereas us white guys have to find a common bridge, and me being a white, shy guy who is madly in LOVE with asian girls, it is challenging.

  9. a military woman Says:

    People are making a “BIG” deal of out this interracial relationship these days…This is America! We have freedom to persue whatever make us happy! Just like FOOD, don’t tell me that you never eat at a Chinese restuarant before or have something with the label ” made in China” !!! We should all feel happy about that the fact we have Asian , black, white, hispanic…in this country. If you don’t like Asian, you still have black, white or Hispanic here to pick. At least we all have a choice to pick…In some other country, people don’t have other races but their own. We should appreciate that this country is full of choices!

  10. Barry Says:

    I am a white American male and I am attracted to asian women. For a long time I questioned whether my attraction to them was only a fetish or was it a genuine attraction to them. I have thought of the original reason why I began to find asian women attractive and that reason is: they have friendly and polite personalities and they treat other people kindly. Back in 1998 I was stationed in Hawaii and for the first time I asked an asian woman out on a date. She said no, but I was impressed by the way she turned me down. She was patient and had a short conversation with me, even though she was not interested in me at all. She smiled in a friendly way and politely turned me down for a date and
    informed me that she was not interested in dating me. That blew me away in a good way. I have never been let down so easily by any female before. It didnโ€™t feel like a rejection at all and I walked away thinking: โ€œthat was a nice woman.โ€
    I have met some asian women who were not as nice as others, but even they were polite to me at least. I have concluded that my attraction to asian women is based on their general nice personalities and it is not a fetish or based on anything sexual. Although I must admit that I love the โ€œalmondโ€ shape of their eyes.
    And that’s why now I am tending to dating site like cncupid dot com/photo/romance to seek my romance with Asian lady

  11. Pat Says:

    LOL at end of the “documentary”. I have no particular preference, and in fact one could say I prefer white women on looks alone, but I guess let’s just say that Asian girls have treated me well, so I naturally gravitate towards them out of experience.

    However the important thing is what is on the inside. The most rewarding relationships I’ve been in are ones that had feelings and sharing and honesty. And I found a fun, wonderful, sexy and gifted woman. Just happens to be Japanese. She could be purple with yellow polka dots for all I care.

  12. taurus Says:

    As a white guy of Spaniard decent, I can honestly say that it’s tough for white guys to get asian girls. I think asian girls see white people as a threat and danger, for some cultural/racial reason. They aren’t as receptive to us as they are to other “non-threating” non-white races. Respectfully, I don’t understand why asian girls are attracted to dark skinned people like, blacks, italians, hispanics, etc. I like asian girls, but I disagree with their taste, since it doesn’t make any sense for them not to like white men.

  13. James Grade Says:

    As a white guy I know Chinese/Japanese girls present me with an
    easy opportunity to date them. If they didn’t send out these
    messages then white guys wouldn’t be in the frame but they
    generally do. As for attractiveness, Asian girls are generally
    very attractive to me, both sexually and intellectually so thats
    why relationships of this nature persist.

  14. K/C Says:

    ^^^ First of all, how could anyone generalize that ALL Asian girls ar epolite an dnice? Are you kidding me? And second the reason they are nice to white people is because they are white people – they are not that nice to other races. I know. I am Asian. An dI rebelled cause too much racism in Asian culture – but no racis toward white people though – Asians love white people and white people will never know this cause they won’t admit it too you.

  15. Bruce Says:

    well … some asian girls have problem on thier head , they allways thought that moon at foreign country are bigger . some of them are stupid and racist , they hate thier own race . the allways demand the guy of thier own race to do this and that for them , no matter what the guy do for them , they still said that he is not good at all , but even the white guy they meet was an asshole , they still think that he is very good . most of these kind of asain girls are ugly , fat or bad personallity , for the asain guy , these kind of girl are classified as retarted , “porkchop” , dinosaur or godzilla . asian guy don’t want them too , thats why they have no choice and go to other race . if you are a white guy and you pick a asian girl like that , asian guy will thank you and said “thank you MR.White(The Garbage Man)for clearing those rubbish for us.”

  16. Bruce Says:

    like some of the white girls , no matter how hard the white guy do to please her , they still said to them ” you are not good at all , you can’t make me enjoy it like the black guy do !” so the white girl go for the black guy and leave the white dude behind , the white dude turn blue because of lonelyness , so they try to go for the asain girls that they look down by them self , but the asain girls was not that easy to get like they thought , they can only get the rubbish that they asain guy threw . so do you think it is worth to happy with ?

  17. crispin Says:

    we dont

  18. Bruce is a fag Says:

    Bruce obviously has a chip on his shoulder cus his girlfriend is ditched him for a white guy. Trust me its true many Asian girls like white guys for some reason. I personally love Asian girls for many reasons.

  19. WhiteBlackAsianMaleFemale Says:


    Has anyone ever tried to pretend to be a different race and post something that they normally don’t agree with? Probably not, because we are trained to pick sides like it’s a competition. Nobody goes to a sporting event to watch the players from opposing teams decide to play together in harmony – we are entertained by the battle. In this case, it’s the battle for attention, sex, and affirming our value in multicultural world.

    The opposing teams aren’t chosen by race necessarily, because a white guy with an asian girlfriend isn’t going to say anything negative about asian girls (e.g. “well my asian girlfriend isn’t as outgoing as most white girls”). Also, a black guy isn’t going to say, “well my white girlfriend doesn’t have beautiful round eyes like most black girls”.

    Instead, we are inclined to say charming things about our mates, but we are obligated to first say what team we are (I happen to be a white male) and then mention our mate’s race as if it is a trophy (she is chinese). You fell in love with a unique individual from a unique family who has experiences and beliefs unlike anyone else on the planet, not a race or culture, people who have similar physical traits and similar values.

    Some day historians in the future are going to read these message boards and try to document the psyche of young people affected by interracial pairing. Love will always seem foolish and naive, but it sometimes leads to wonderful marriages so please don’t try to discredit a couple that you don’t know.

  20. Dmitry Says:

    I am Russian, living in Russia. I am as well addicted to asian girls. Seems to me since my childhood. First pictures to jerk off on were asian girls. I feel it is inside me. We don’t have lots of asians unfortunately, but I am lucky to get two Korean girls within my life. Russian girls are beautiful but I can’t compare how I feel myselfe being with Korean girl, living togather for a year already. Asians are really different in everything, not only in there sexy appearance but in inner world. They know how to make a man feel happy and I do everything for her to be happy with me.

  21. COUGH COUGH ths is an asain giirrl heree :]] Says:

    EUUHMM ,
    Weellll To mee im asain but i see loots of meean cool awesome cuute asaingiirrls liek me, imm a doope bitches. I somehow hate white guys cuz most white guys stare at me and that scares my fweeaken ass off. I a toom , Imm really a cuute doope though , but imm 100 percent not intrested in white men.I loove asain gguuys ? , mhhmm .. Im cuute bad personality, because IM NOT LIKE Thoose asaain – nice elegant and all . oohh yeeaah btww , this pervert white teacher told me that” you aren’t philo are you?” im like duhh.. i got a tann when i was little. I have manners , he told me philos don’t make fun of their elders. And i give no sht on that, vus i anit philo and i anit gunna get my life dull boring. Im saying this cus I love you. <33 . LMFAAO jk . thank yoou peeopllee , but philos are the best for you, white guys. im vietnamese btw AHAAAAAA

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