Web 2.0? Lunch 2.0!

February 17, 2006

Lunch 2.0 2.17.2006 002

If you work at a tech company in Silicon Valley, or you’re just a geek, subscribe to the Lunch 2.0 blog and join us as we meet up during the week to network during lunch. The idea is that we’ll travel around to different companies and chat about new companies, technology, current events – whatever suits our 2.0 fancy! Today, we went to Yahoo for lunch; tomorrow, who knows? 😀


4 Responses to “Web 2.0? Lunch 2.0!”

  1. rose Says:

    BOOO. shame shame shame…

  2. […] Here are a few photos I shot at today’s Lunch 2.0 event at Hitachi Data Systems in Santa Clara. A special thanks goes out to Jeremiah Owyang for organizing and hosting the event and to Mark Jen for starting the Lunch 2.0 event series. Photos from Lunch 2.0 tags: events (T) , photos (T) , Mark Jen (T) , Lunch 2.0 (T) , Hitachi Data Systems (T) , Hitachi (T) , Santa Clara (T) , Jeremiah Owyang (T) , Silicon Valley (T) posted by Scott Beale on Tuesday, September 12th, 2006 Comments RSS feed | Trackback URL […]

  3. […] Mark managed the next day to find the two components that make a great Lunch 2.0. What a great […]

  4. Vicodin no prescription….


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