Always lots to see around town

March 14, 2006

Rose came up to visit this past weekend and her friends Bonnie and Mike came up from Texas and LA too. On Saturday, we went around downtown San Francisco and on Sunday, we went to Napa. The weather was a bit touchy – it was a bit cold on Saturday and it kept raining and then getting really nice on Sunday – but we had a great time anyways!

To start things off, Rose and I went to Left Bank on Santana Row for dinner on Friday. I had escargot for the first time; it didn’t taste like much to me, but it looked interesting. I ordered a smoked rabbit risotto that was umm… interesting and Rose got a veal dish that was amazing.

San Francisco 3.11.2006 015San Francisco 3.11.2006 017
San Francisco 3.11.2006 020San Francisco 3.11.2006 019

Then on Saturday we started things off at the Ferry Building where the farmer’s market was in full swing:

San Francisco 3.11.2006 024San Francisco 3.11.2006 033San Francisco 3.11.2006 040San Francisco 3.11.2006 049

Next it was off to Coit Tower and then Twin Peaks for some nice views:

San Francisco 3.11.2006 068San Francisco 3.11.2006 090San Francisco 3.11.2006 155San Francisco 3.11.2006 153

And finally, we finished off the day with a yummy dinner in Japantown and a nice evening of Jazz at Yoshi’s in Oakland:

San Francisco 3.11.2006 174San Francisco 3.11.2006 180San Francisco 3.11.2006 184San Francisco 3.11.2006 185

On Sunday, we headed off to Napa. We only had time to stop in at Opus One and Sullivan, but it was still a fun time. Check out some of the rainbows we saw 🙂 On the way back, we stopped at the Golden Gate National Reserve just north of the Golden Gate Bridge and took a few quick pictures before the sun set.

Napa 3.12.2006 006Napa 3.12.2006 002Napa 3.12.2006 017Napa 3.12.2006 026Napa 3.12.2006 047Napa 3.12.2006 086
Napa 3.12.2006 078Napa 3.12.2006 093

All in all, a fun picture filled weekend! I think I used up 25% of my monthly Flickr allotment in one day uploading all these photos 🙂


5 Responses to “Always lots to see around town”

  1. Will Says:

    Whoa. Awesome Pics Mark.

    A co-worker of mine wanted to go to Yoshi’s last weekend. I’ve heard great things. Alas, that didn’t happen. Maybe in a couple of weeks.

    I hope to go to Napa this weekend. I hope the weather doesn’t blow 😛

  2. markjen Says:

    Hi Will, thanks for the compliments on the pics (Rose took half of them though – the good half 😉 )

    Yoshi’s is suprisingly accessible – we didn’t even buy tickets in advance. We just drove down there and parked at the garage connected to Yoshi’s about 45 minutes before the show, bought tickets, and found a seat.

    The only thing is that you’re able to reserve seats somehow and so we had to choose non-reserved seats. We ended up a little bit to the right of the stage, but the view still wasn’t bad at all.

    As for napa and the weather, it’s unpredictable, but for us we wouldn’t have seen those awesome rainbows if it hadn’t rained 🙂

  3. Wow, you went to many of my favorite places. I go to Japantown a lot, Hakusan, and Yoshi’s at least a dozen times. (I used to be a jazz major in college) The bay area is one of the greatest places to visit and live in.

    Great photos–thanks for sharing.

  4. SMITH Says:


  5. Jack Says:

    What great pics. Love San fran, left my heart there in 1989.

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