Winchester Mystery House… oooo scary!

March 27, 2006

Rose came down to visit this weekend and we went on a few adventures. First, we went to the Winchester Mystery House in San Jose. It’s this house that was built by Sarah Winchester, who inherited a large sum from her husband, William Winchester, one of the presidents of the Winchester Rifle company. For an unknown reason, she built a ton of rooms in the house and designed it all herself, which made for a pretty random house. There are staircases that go nowhere and doors that open to nothing. It’s quite a trippy experience – probably because the floor is slated everywhere you go so it makes you a little bit queazy :S

Here are some pictures from the house:

Winchester House 3.25.2006 003Winchester House 3.25.2006 010
Winchester House 3.25.2006 041Winchester House 3.25.2006 049
Winchester House 3.25.2006 092Winchester House 3.25.2006 119
Winchester House 3.25.2006 136Winchester House 3.25.2006 194

We were told afterwards that you can find a buy 1 get 1 free admission coupon in the entertainment book. I guess it wouldn’t been cost effective for us since the ticket was $20ish and the entertainment book is only $15… oh well.

Oh, it’s not really that scary 😉


7 Responses to “Winchester Mystery House… oooo scary!”

  1. Ryan Says:

    Actually, they know exactly why she built all of the rooms. If you go on the tour you’ll hear all about it. Wikipedia has more of the story.

  2. markjen Says:

    Oh that’s right; they told us that she thought the spirits of the people who had been killed by Winchester rifles wanted her to continue building the house otherwise they’d come after her or something. Thanks for the reminder 🙂

  3. Have you checked out the Mystery Spot yet? It’s crazy. There’s no gravity, and things roll uphill. 😉

  4. hollyster Says:

    Ha! I went there last week for the first time with a friend, and I kept asking if there were haunted ghosts there, but all the tour guides denied it, but I found this:
    Winchester Haunt

    A good recap of the house: Winchester Recap

  5. Sasha Says:

    waz it wierd ? and did you see any ghosts?

  6. sarah Says:

    i’ve never been there but just seein the pictures i’ve seen what looks like a small women in the background in every picture i don’t think that mrs. winchester likes haveing her home on display and she doesn’t know why and how she died. i want to know too! does anyone have the answers?

  7. Rae Says:

    I doubt its scary, it looks fun! Yay for unique interior design and architecture. Now only if it didn’t cost millions.. I do agree that she may not have wanted it all on display. Doesn’t seem like the type of body of work that would want notoriety. Who knows..

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