Visiting UNC @ Chapel Hill

April 7, 2006

I’m out in Chapel Hill, NC this weekend speaking at blogging symposium put on by JOLT, a small conference put on by one of the law school journals here. Their topic this year is about blogging and the legal ramifications for indivduals and employers, so I’ve been asked to talk about my experience at Google and also writing up Plaxo’s blogging policy.

As I found out the hard way today, getting from the bay area to Raleigh is not as easy as I thought. Looking for a reasonably priced flight was hard enough, and there aren’t any direect flights, so I had to route through JFK. I traveled on American Airlines today and I was pretty shocked by how cramped their coach seats are. I usually travel coach, but riding in a 767 on AA flight #24 from SFO – JFK today, I felt like a sardine :-O

I fly on Alaska’s fleet of 737 all the time between SJC-SEA in coach and it’s never as cramped as my flight was today. I guess not all coach is created equal.

After the talk tomorrow, I’ll post up my slide deck for anyone who’s interested; if you’re reading this blog though, I’m sure you already know most of what’s in there 🙂


2 Responses to “Visiting UNC @ Chapel Hill”

  1. On the flight you were on, the seat pitch ranges from 31-32.

    On most Alaska 737’s, it’s 32.

  2. rose Says:

    a mark sardine? yumyumyum! oh wait, sardines == yucky 😦

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