Finally! I can blog about visiting HipCal

May 1, 2006

See? I can keep a lid on unreleased news šŸ˜‰

Last month after our acquisition had closed, but before our public announcement today, I headed up to Troy, NY to welcome the HipCal folks and get them setup and kicked off. As part of the visit, I decided to forgo the hotel and instead, opt to stay at their frat house (they assured me that this was necessary in order to get the full “HipCal experience”… I’m still not exactly sure what that meant :O )

So I flew in and Garret and Pete picked me up at the airport. When I arrived at their house, I had this great banner welcoming me:


Not exactly sure where they got it from, but it was pretty funny šŸ™‚

So they took me on a tour of their frat house and their “office” (which was really just a room they retrofitted as an office space). Since RPI is an engineering focused school, they’ve got a few mechanical engineers in the house and they built a lot of furniture themselves. For example, here’s a ping pong table they built – and it even folds up.


Here’s a shelving system they built to house a bunch of TVs for their video game room. On one side is 6 TVs while on the other side is stadium seating for at least 8.


They’ve also got a commercially outfitted kitchen, where the guys in the house take turns making meals Sunday – Thursday.


In college I had been a visitor to frat houses, but I’d never really been given a grand tour. I wonder if most frats are as geeked out as this place… hmmmm, maybe the HipCal guys will help us build some cool furniture here at Plaxo!

I’ve held off on uploading my pictures until today as well (so as to not give off any hints on our acquisition); check out my Flickr set for more pictures šŸ™‚


6 Responses to “Finally! I can blog about visiting HipCal”

  1. Garret Says:

    Ah, home sweet home. šŸ™‚

  2. Hasan Says:

    Next time you go to Troy, be sure to check out Elda’s, and Shalimar.

  3. kyle d. Says:

    don’t let them fool you into thinking the house is actually that clean. lies!

  4. Simon Says:

    man, that is sweet. I hope you can feel the jealously radiating through my words. Bet you’ve played more beer pong than ping pong on that table too.

  5. Laundromat Says:


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