Is it just me or…

May 2, 2006

Did A9 switch their search engine because Google poached Udi and they were pissed?

I mean there’s a lot of talk about how Amazon is finally realizing that Google might be a competitor, but come on… they’re pretty smart over there and they probably realized that Google was a potential threat years ago. I don’t think they all of a sudden realized it just now.

…and another thing: doesn’t everyone realize that, as usual, Google will ignore bloggers talking about how they have a double standard?

The NYT article was probably great for Google; after all, people have a naive love for the company while they have an inherent hate for Microsoft. It plays perfectly to that and helps their cause at the same time. Nevermind that the facts show that Microsoft is actually being the good guy here


2 Responses to “Is it just me or…”

  1. bernie Says:

    Actually there’s a difference Mark: Google pays marketing/advertising dollars to Firefox for that placement as the search engine of choice on their brower. Microsoft simply puts themselves in their own software. So, you see, MS is actually being the same monopolist self.

  2. markjen Says:

    Hi Bernie, that’s a good point; however, the interesting thing to me is Google’s proposed solution: that IE should pop-up a box and ask the user what search engine they prefer the first time the start it up. It seems to me that if they really believed that would yield the best consumer experience, they would’ve built it into Firefox or onto

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