Re: New Mac Ads… ummm what?

May 2, 2006

As a new Mac user, I of course now follow MacRumors and all the other good Mac news sites. Through those channels I found out about the new Apple advertisements available for viewing online about switching from PC to Mac. They’re pretty funny, but I have to say that the "Restarting" and "Viruses" ones are pretty bold statements to be making.

First off, I’ve had my Mac crash just as much as my PC ever did – if not more so. I rarely got crashes on my Thinkpad, even while I as running VMWare, random downloaded beta apps, and running 1000 instances of IE/Firefox/Word/Outlook/Powerpoint/etc. I was able to suspend and resume my machine for weeks at a time without a reboot; although it woulud occasionally run into a hiccup or two, my MacBook Pro is the same way. It doesn’t always return from suspend correctly and more than a few times I’ve re-opened the lid to find that the MacBook never suspended in the first place and the battery is completely drained.

Secondly, while I will say that Macs probably have a better inherent security model due to their unix roots, I wouldn’t make claims that Macs are impervious to viruses or that they are without security holes. Just today Rose linked me over to an article about security and speed of patches on OS X.

The advertisements are pretty funny though, and I’m sure they’ll get a lot of converts. After all, the commercials are fun and consumery and isn’t that what computer users are looking for nowadays? 🙂


10 Responses to “Re: New Mac Ads… ummm what?”

  1. terry chay Says:

    Caitlin beat you to this.

    BTW, there is no suspend functionality on the Mac, a feature I wish it had sometimes. I think you mean wake from sleep. I know from which you come and usually the cause is a USB device being plugged/unplugged after the computer goes to sleep which causes the computer to wake up with the “LCD off” mode.

    I don’t think the “Viruses” ad actually claims that they are impervious, just impervious to a Windows virus (mostly true). It’s a semantic quibble but a nice way to get in people’s minds the meme: “macs are more secure” without saying a potentially litigious statement. (Apple has been sued successfully many times for making claims that are provably false: like the “fastest desktop computer” with the G5 introduction).

  2. Michael Says:

    I am notorious at crashing Macs too. At one point I considered approaching Apple to pay me for NOT coming close to any Mac…

  3. Jacob Says:

    I’m reassured to learn I’m not the only one who’s experienced the wake from sleep issues with the MacBook Pro and occasional flakiness, but it is a new platform for Apple. It’s not usual and I’ve never had the problem with any prior (OS X) Mac. During a normal lifecycle I think most people do find that Windows machines crash more. Geeks and IT Pro’s might argue otherwise but we know how to get the best out of our machines and/or hammer them so perhaps Apple’s statement is not so bold in relation to the average user whom they are targetting with the ads.

  4. Party 2.0 next Tuesday…

    Mark and his colleagues at Plaxo are having a Party 2.0…. uh… Party! This after a successful and fun Lunch 2.0 that happened on Wednesday here at Microsoft. (My apologies to SVC Reception 1 for having 20 people show up suddenly to register as visit…

  5. Charlie Says:

    Any well informed Mac user will not claim that OS X is bullet proof. It’s an OS just like any other OS and security holes will show up from time to time. The frequency compared to Windows is significantly less.

    Where Windows falls down is with IE and Outlook. These are the main vehicles that viruses use to propagate themselves. Sure, a Mac user can download a trojan horse image file or a hidden script that can compromise their system. It pretty much stops there. There is no common way for viruses to spread. That’s where I feel OS X currently has an edge.

  6. Manish Says:

    Apple is just plain cheap when they bring out ads like these. I was almost going to buy a mac but now have decided against it as did many others. I am sure my windows machines are the best.

    And dig this:
    On Apple’s website, to solve your iPod problems it says “restart it and see” !!!
    So much for lying to us and misleading us. Thats a very bad practice.

  7. bb Says:

    some of the mac ads have valid messages… like you’re more likely to have to deal with viruses on a windows platform and there is a lot of nice bundled software like imovie, itunes, whatever website generator there is and whatever else apple computers come with….

    but some of the messages of the commercials are outright lies… like the digital camera one… it suggests that if you have a pc you are going to have trouble using the “latest digital camera from japan”… hardware manufacturers know that 80 percent of their customers are going to attempt to view pictures they take with their new digital cameras using the windows operating system… just about every digital camera on the market comes with a cd with software and drivers for windows…. if anything… there is more likely a chance that those cds won’t have macintosh drivers or software… i’m curious to see if anyone can name the make and model of a digital camera from japan that does not deliver with windows drivers standard….

    and there is another commercial that suggests that windows is good at “pie charts” whereas macs are good for fun stuff like making movies…. let me explain the origin of this falacy…. a decade ago adobe released adobe photoshop and it revolutionized the graphic design market. photoshop only ran on a macintosh back then in the early 90’s and it became accepted that “artists” used macs as a result. most businesses used windows because it was the microsoft office tools like word and excel that were the standard without comparison….

    what people choose not to realize, is that adobe ported to windows at least 6 years ago and almost immediately because of processor and video card advancements, photoshop ran faster on a pc than on any os9 mac. back then the fastest mac was like 400 mHz… i am an artist and i use my pc running alias maya, autodesk combustion and avid xpress dv to make my movies for fun… so i resent when people suggest that pcs are only good for spread sheets…

    the apple macintosh commercials are hip and trendy… and anyone who has only a basic understanding of using computers to do “fun stuff” like putting your digital camera pics on a website… would do very well to buy an apple computer with its bundled software that comes with training wheels… but these commercials are a bit offensive to more hardcore and professional users of computers who build their own systems and are well beyond needing cutsey ihappy simplified software to make pretty pictures…. i write my websites using a free text editor that color codes the code that i downloaded for windows out of a choice of 20 text apps…. i’d rather have a system that i can upgrade regularly that gives me a much greater choice of what i can do at the expense of security than be locked into apple’s limited choice of software and hardware…

    i give it to apple for dumping their original operating system and replacing it with unix, and then dumping their hardware and replacing it with intel… but don’t forget that 40 percent of apple’s sales are from selling ipods… and as other companies get savvy and tighten that market… macintosh’s bundled software/hardware/operating system solution will be hard pressed to keep up with everyone else…

  8. macs suck Says:

    macs suck compared to pcs

    end of story

  9. Brian Says:

    Umm… do none of you play games? The “PCs can do fun stuff, like pie-charts” ad is the most bizzare one i’ve ever seen. One line. One line is all it would take to completely destroy prettyboy on the right. “PCs can do fun stuff, like pie-charts. For example, here’s a piechart showing how many games you can play on a PC compared to a Mac.”

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