30 boxes in my trunk!

May 17, 2006

Not that 30 boxes; I’m talking about 30 boxes of Costco pizza that is 🙂

Last night for the Plaxo party Huy and I picked up the pizzas from Costco. We ran into a few surprises:

  1. Costco pizzas are huge. I hadn’t seen one for a while and was rather shocked at the pure size of each pizza.
  2. Costco pizzas are heavy! I mean, watching Huy and I lifting all those pizzas was like a free ticket to the guns show… but seriously we could really only lift maybe 6 or 7 pizzas at a time.
  3. An Audi S4 can actually fit 30 Costco pizzas in the trunk perfectly. It was almost as if they designed it for this exact purpose :O


When we got back though, we needed some help though 🙂

unloading pizzas 2

Check out the pictures of the party over on the Lunch 2.0 blog!


4 Responses to “30 boxes in my trunk!”

  1. ajma Says:

    Your car must really smell right now…

  2. MickoZ Says:


  3. rose Says:

    oooh, now i understand your obsession with watermelons. 😦

  4. Yammy, Yammy this pizzas muys be very delicious.
    I guess you had a grat time to eat a part of this unusual pizza delivery.

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