Installing Vista Beta 2 on my media center

June 23, 2006

I got the Vista Beta 2 installation kit in the mail today so I’m going to try running it on my media center PC. I’ve got Vista Beta 2 running on my secondary computer at work and it’s a little bit slow, but my home computer is a bit faster, has a better video card, and more RAM. Hopefully, things will be pretty snappy 🙂

After I use it a little bit more I’m sure I’ll be blogging my impressions, especially of the new media center. Let me know if there’s anything in Vista that you want to know about!

Installing Windows Vista Beta 2

Will Vista convince me to switch back to PC? We’ll see…


2 Responses to “Installing Vista Beta 2 on my media center”

  1. ylpmpiie Says:



  2. […] So I’ve run into a few issues since installing Vista and I was hoping to file a bug. There’s a huge “Feedback” icon on my desktop, but that just takes me to a place where I can put in a support request. In the papers that they sent me the media kit with, it says to go to, except all I can find is a place where I can read about other bugs. I can’t seem to find the “Report a new issue” button. It must be there somewhere, I’m probably just missing it? […]

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