Anyone know how to report a bug in Vista?

June 26, 2006

So I’ve run into a few issues since installing Vista and I was hoping to file a bug. There’s a huge “Feedback” icon on my desktop, but that just takes me to a place where I can put in a support request. In the papers that they sent me the media kit with, it says to go to, except all I can find is a place where I can read about other bugs. I can’t seem to find the “Report a new issue” button. It must be there somewhere, I’m probably just missing it?


If anyone knows where it is, please let me know 🙂


7 Responses to “Anyone know how to report a bug in Vista?”

  1. Bugs in a Microsoft OS? Well that’s just unheard of!

  2. Mark, there should be a link to download the bug reporting tool in the page that your desktop link brings up. It’s in a large block of text, so you may have missed it if skimming (or, if not, could you screenshot that page for me? :-).

    Anyhow, you can download it directly here:

    I believe the bug reporting tool has some features that make it more useful than a simple web form, which is why we use it.

  3. The trick with the site is you have to search before it’ll let you add a bug 😉

    I guess that’s their way of forcing you to check if the bug exists in the database, but it does seem a little nonsensical.

    Ultimately though I think Adam’s suggestion is best – that tool lets you specify an insane amount of detail, such as recording the screen while reproducing the issue.

  4. markjen Says:

    Hey Adam and Andrew, thanks for the tips. Unfortunately, my Vista machine died today 😦 (don’t worry, it was the hardware, not vista 😉 )

    Hopefully it’ll be up and running again soon and I can try out the bug reporting tools… Thanks!

  5. Logging bugs in Vista and why we need them logged…

    Tim, one of the community leads has a blog that I recommend people to subscribe too.  He has……

  6. Russ Hugi Says:

    I just used the Bug Reporting Tool referenced and sent in a short description of a bug (maybe 40 words).
    It took more than ten minutes to complete the process, and the report (and other stuff?) transferred to Microsoft was 16284 kb!!!

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