My very own Dell Customer Advocate!

July 7, 2006

I got an e-mail today from John, a Dell Customer Advocate. He had read my blog entry about the flashing amber power button syndrome and wants to assist. Maybe Dell is taking cues from Lenovo and now has a group helping bloggers directly? If so that’s great news! Hopefully John can help me – maybe I’ll be back on the Dell bandwagon soon 🙂

Looking at their forums though, it looks like quite a few people would like some assistance. John, you’ve got your work cut out for you 🙂


5 Responses to “My very own Dell Customer Advocate!”

  1. fnork Says:

    Sounds silly, but for us it was silly: check the power supplies. One of ours was unpowered, plugged in to a nonfunctioning outlet. The documentation on the amber light is terrible, eh?

  2. markjen Says:

    Hi Fnork, thanks for the tip, but I don’t think it’s the power outlet 😉

  3. elliot Says:

    so how is john going to help you? is he going to hook you up with a technical genius who will fix your computer, or is he going to get you a new one?

  4. markjen Says:

    Hi Elliot, so far he’s just asked me to run diagnostics (which didn’t tell us anything), so in effect, he hasn’t helped at all. Although he definitely has put in the effort 🙂

  5. ambertides Says:

    Dell update…

    After writing my post about Dell’s goof, and their support’s lack of, well, support, I received an email from Marie, a Dell Customer Advocate (mailto), that she’d caught my post and wanted to help. Things were cleared up by support……

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