Doodie Bot lives!

July 15, 2006

I saw a few weeks ago that MSN was running a bot contest, so I’ve been thinking of different bots to build. To get started, I figured I’d create something simple: a ToDo Bot (side note: it turns out, nothing is ever that simple).

If you’re on MSN Messenger, you can use it immediately – no setup required! Just send an IM to:

Basically, you can chat with it and it’ll keep track of To Do items you tell it about. You can then access your list from wherever, whenever – especially if you use a web-based IM client like Meebo 😉

I got the basics of the idea from Lifehacker, which had an article about making a ToDo.txt file and then someone wrote a Perl-based AIM bot for managing your ToDos. Well, the problem with that was that it’s hard to setup. Anyways, give it a try and let me know what you think. It’s pretty basic right now, but then again, I’ve only put maybe 1-2 days worth of work into it so far 🙂

If you like the bot and want to link to it on your site, just copy and paste this code!


2 Responses to “Doodie Bot lives!”

  1. Irian Says:


    I’ve been trying your todo bot, and I like it, although there is some functionality I miss. Most important, I miss the ability to be able to keep different projects/contexts/priorities and be able to list based on those. Because you don’t really want to keep mixed the grocery list with the list of stuff you have to do today.

    anyway, keep up the good job!

  2. i love this song with the joe bros!

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