Silly IDEO…

August 10, 2006

Saw Scoble’s post on the IDEO display at the Palo Alto Art Center last month and so one day last week Joseph and I went to check it out during Lunch. Overall, there was some cool stuff, but we were kind of underwhelmed :S We thought we’d be blown away by awesome designs and concepts, but save a few cool trinkets here and there, most things were… well… strange and impractical. Kinda like manifestations of all those random ideas you have when you’re just sitting around – except this time someone is actually getting paid to build those ideas. I still admire IDEO, but not so much for the work they do; I now admire them for the fact that they’re able to get paid ridiculous amounts of money to make random ideas a reality 😛

Don’t believe me? Judge for yourself! Here’s a future work station for Herman Miller:


And here’s a new DJ mixing table:


A nice shelter made out of recyclable materials (not sure who’ll live there or where 😀 )


Random trinkets


A CD player that looks like a tablesaw… sweet! (who uses CDs anymore 😛 )


Cool sunglasses


I’ll have to assume this is old…


Maybe a best-seller in Japan (I wouldn’t mind having one though):


And of course the required pictures of the next generation shopping cart!


I did like the design of the exhibit and the explanation of the IDEO brainstorming process though.


Sounds like a great place to work (if you don’t mind that most of the stuff you create never makes it to production) – I’m definitely jealous 🙂

Check out my Flickr set for more pictures of the exhibit 🙂


One Response to “Silly IDEO…”

  1. Frances M. Says:

    Maybe they’d be more motivated if people could buy some of those — or take home a kit to make one @ home. I wouldn’t mind emptying my pocket for one of those sunglasses. 🙂

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