Too many pictures :)

August 30, 2006

I hit my Flickr upload limit for the month so it looks like I’ll have to wait a few days before I can upload the latest pictures I took today at Macao… which makes me wonder, why do they bother to have a 2GB/month limit for pro accounts? I figure most pro members don’t use their full 2GB bandwidth each month anyways (I know I usually don’t) and for the rare occasion that pro members do hit the 2GB limit, it’s quite annoying.

I mean, if my trip had started in early August and I had run out of my 2GB bandwidth allocation in mid-August and was unable to upload pictures for a few weeks, that would really tick me off. Is it really that cost-prohibitive for Flickr to offer unlimited uploads to their pro users?


13 Responses to “Too many pictures :)”

  1. djchuang Says:

    While I don’t have a Pro account on flickr, and don’t have a generous enough of a friend to gift me one, I’ve found the flickr upload bandwidth counter to be somewhat inaccurate, or maybe it is too accurate and docks me for uploading full size images or uploading twice. So, to make the best of my limited bandwidth, I have to resize my photos down to 1000 pixels wide maximum, and upload via Picasa.

  2. […] Since Mark is uploading Bangkok pr0n to his Flickr account, I actually had to process my photos this time. (Yeah Mark, we’re going to believe that you hit your 2GB upload limit just taking “vacation” pictures. We’re on to you!) […]

  3. […] Just noticed that flickr has removed the upload limit for pro accounts. Yay, consider my complaint answered! […]

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