Windows Live Mail Desktop beta invites

September 7, 2006

Aha, it looks like they’ve given me some invites for the Windows Live Mail Desktop Beta. If you’d like one, leave me a comment and I’ll send one along. I think I’ve got about 10, so first come first serve πŸ™‚

I’ve used the Windows Live Mail Desktop client for a few weeks and I think it’s ok. Since I use it on my computer at home, which always has an internet connection, I don’t really experience the benefit of an offline experience. I haven’t found it to be any nicer than the Windows Live Mail web client, but if you’re a laptop user, I bet it might come in handy sometimes… 

Oh, in other beta news, I’m making this post from inside Windows Live Writer and I must admit, there are some really cool features. For example, in the post preview, they pull the CSS from my blog and apply it to the display so I can see exactly what my post is going to look like with all my blog’s styles applied. I’ve also used w.bloggar, qumana, and ecto and I think all the clients are approximately the same for my needs. I just write posts, assign a few categories, and publish. One feature request: I wish the editors would give me the ability to add new categories from their UI though. Other than that, I’m happy with any of the solutions I’ve used so far… anyone have any killer features that they absolutely love in one desktop blog editor that doesn’t exist yet in the others?


23 Responses to “Windows Live Mail Desktop beta invites”

  1. I would like one Mark πŸ™‚

  2. Carla Says:

    Hi! I would like to have one too. Please…

  3. tonnet Says:

    Please, can you spare one more for this person?

  4. markjen Says:

    3 invites out, 7 left to go! πŸ˜€

  5. Arvind Bir Says:

    I need one.


  6. Andrew Says:

    Could you please invite me! — Long time reader of your site. Thanks,

  7. jorg Says:

    sign me up, mark! (If you still have any left!)

  8. jorg Says:

    Crappy first experience.

    So, I received the invite, clicked on the link, and it walks me through the startup process. When it asks for my e-mail address, I enter my hotmail e-mail address. It refuses me, saying that’s a “reserved domain” or somesuch. I enter my gmail address instead.

    wtf? Microsoft allows you to have a gmail address to use their software, but hotmail won’t do?!?

    Anyway, I finally enter enough information and read through enough legalese that I can download the software. The page with the download link says:

    > After you’ve installed it, it’s easy to get started.
    >Here are some of the cool things you can do:
    > Share tons of photos
    > Create a digital photo album with custom borders,
    > colors, and captions for your family and friends
    > to enjoy.
    > Find stuff faster
    > When you start typing something in the search box,
    > you’ll instantly see matching results.
    > Keep closer tabs on your Messenger friends
    > Online or out to lunch? You’ll see the status of
    > your Windows Live Messenger contacts when you read
    > their e-mail. And you’ll be able to launch a
    > Messenger conversation right from Windows Live
    > Mail desktop beta.
    > Zap junk e-mailers
    > It’s a piece of cake to adjust your junk e-mail
    > filters to help keep out messages you don’t want,
    > without blocking the ones that you do.
    > Thanks again for checking out Windows Live Mail
    > desktop beta.

    Yeah, OK, fine, I download, isntall it, and…


    I’m just left staring at the page that says how great it will be – with no instructions on how to start it, or surf to it, or whatever one might do.

    Hey, but at the bottom of that page, there are three links: Help Central, Account, and Feedback. Awesome, at least I can report this to them and they can fix it so that users of the non-beta version will have a better first-launch experience.

    So I click “Feedback”, and it forces me to choose which area to subit feedback for: Account, Agora, Alerts, Call, Call for Free, Custom Domains, Dev, Expo, Favorites, Live Gallery, Live ID, Live Ideas, Live Local, Live Mail, Live Mail Desktop, Live Mail for mobile, Messenger, Mobile, OneCare, OneCare Family Safety, OneCare Safety Scanner, Publishing Portal, QnA, Search, Shopping, Spaces, Toolbar and Desktop Search, Web Search, Wifi Suite and Windows

    Nothing for Install, First Launch, First Experience, start page.

    Oh well. Maybe they read this blog?

  9. jorg Says:


    So I figured out that the funny Apple-styled Windows logo on the upper left of the windows live page is really a menu. And I select “mail” from that menu. And it says:

    > Windows Live Mail does not support this account type.
    > Please visit the Windows Live Account Registration
    > site for more information.

    Huh? I thought Windows Live Mail ws what I signed up for? If Windows Live Mail won’t let me see my mail, then why do they call it Windows Live Mail?!?

    Oh well, fine. I click on the Windows Live Account Registration link, and it says:

    > You’re already signed in
    > You’ve already signed in using the account
    > To sign out and sign up for a new account, click Continue.

    Of course, that’s not all there is on that disappointing page. I clicked on the button that said “Return to Windows Live”, and it took me to….

    Makes me wonder if they did any usability testing at all on it!!

  10. jorg Says:

    Ohhhh, I get it.

    The installer left a little icon on my desktop for me to click on. OK, fine.

    I double-click on it, it brings up a sign-in screen. I put in the e-mail address and password I used to sign up with, and it says:

    > Windows Live Mail Desktop could not sign you in because
    > the Windows Live ID sign in name you entered does not
    > have e-mail permissions.
    > Please enter a new Windows Live ID that has e-mail permissions.
    > You can always create a new Windows Live ID by clicking
    > the link ‘Sign up for Windows Live’

    I know: I’ll try my hotmail address. Surely that has ‘e-mail permissions’, whatever those are. And it says:

    > Before you can use this version of Windows Live Mail Desktop Beta, you need to sign up.
    > If you have already registered for the beta program and are not
    > able to sign in, please try again later.

    But hey – there’s a “Sign up for Windows Live” link on the left-hand side of that screen. Guess I’ll try that. That takes me to a web page that reads, “Sign up for Windows Live”. There’s a pop-up for hotmail – great! But wait, there’s also a button that says, “check for availability”. Uhh, I don’t want a new account, guys. Sure enough, it won’t let me use my existing hotmail account.

    Ah, but there’s a silver lining: a new link appears to the right of this area that says, “get help with this”. Awesome! I click on it, and it opens a new window. The new window says:

    > In the Create a Windows Live ID area, select
    > Create a Windows Live e-mail address.
    > –Or–
    > Select Use your own e-mail address.

    What? There’s a “Use your own e-mail address” section? Wonderful, I’ll just go back to the page I came from and…
    and there is no “Use your own e-mail address” section.

    OK, that’s it. I give up. It’s half an hour I’ll never get back. (OK, most of that half-hour is typing into, but if I couldn’t vent to somebody, I’d be really upset right about now.)

  11. Johnny Says:

    Hi Mark! It would be great if I could get an invite. I’ve always wanted to test out this software. Hopefully you have some left to spare :). Thanks a lot!

  12. Nathan Says:

    Hi Mark, if you have any invites left I would really appreciate being able to try this out – cheers.

  13. Beryl Says:

    I’d like to try a copy.

    Don’t let the AOL addy fool you. I’ve been using computers since the APL days at age 14 and have been online since the mid 80’s BBS days. I’m 52 (almost) now.

    Thanks πŸ˜‰

  14. leanne Says:

    id like to try the copy too, pls. =) thanks you!!

  15. pulakit Says:

    i want it as well…
    thanx in anticipation….

  16. Sid Singh Says:

    i’d like to try live mail too , plz..

  17. ajbcs Says:

    why do you need an invite?

    i downloaded it from and it works fine 😐

  18. Saif Mughal Says:

    i downloaded, but its not working, having the msmail.dll problem, i dont know how to solve it.

  19. Ekrem Says:

    I had the ‘msmail.dll’ problem. When i close my antivirus app (KIS), it started normally.

  20. MOHAMED Says:

    hi my name is Mohamed badran
    i have downloade the live mail desktop on my pc
    but i have a problem.
    the program told me there is a missing file: msmsail.dll.
    so how i can solve`it .
    please help me.

  21. Saif Mughal Says:

    Just disable your antivirus for while and then try to run WLM. I hope it works for you.

  22. lsi Says:

    is it availible in German?

  23. Maitryi Says:

    is there a way to become a content writer for the site?

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