Annoy some Plaxo employees for a change :D

October 3, 2006

If you haven’t heard yet, we recently hit 15 million users here at Plaxo šŸ™‚

We typically have Joseph’s Nabaztag announce our user count every day and so on the day it announced we had crested 15 million it was pretty exciting. We posted a blog entry about it but the best part is we also pushed a page that allows anyone to send us a message via the Nabaztag!

So, for all those out there who’ve been annoyed by Plaxo e-mails in the past, here’s your chance to turn the tables! We’ve got the Nabaztag in the middle of the office and anything you tell it to say, it will announce to us in realtime šŸ˜€

Happy Nabaztagging!


2 Responses to “Annoy some Plaxo employees for a change :D”

  1. Somehow, there’s not much gratification … not knowing who is actually in the office and who has actually heard the message. You need a live webcam that includes the Nabaztag area, so we can watch people’s reactions, too.

  2. markjen Says:

    Oh trust me, we’re getting quite a bit of Nabaztag action right now.

    We’re working on that live webcam (for real) šŸ˜€

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