Plaxo Mobile Plus is the #1 download

October 30, 2006

on Verizon’s Get it Now Business Tools section anyways 🙂

Plaxo Mobile Plus #1 seller in biz tools

If you’ve downloaded it and have tried it out, contact me and let me know how it’s going for you. We’re the #3 download overall:

Plaxo Mobile Plus in the top sellers


5 Responses to “Plaxo Mobile Plus is the #1 download”

  1. Andrew Says:

    How come it’s not available for the LG VX8300? Is this something I can expect in the future because I definitely want it?

  2. Garret Says:

    Andrew- I have the LG VX8300 as well and was told that it will be supported very very soon.

  3. markjen Says:

    Hi Andrew and Garret, Thanks for the feedback! We’re currently working on it, so you guys should be in luck soon 🙂

    Thanks for your patience…

  4. Kgent Says:

    why so limited support for phones and carriers, should’nt it be open to all. I am disapointed. Look at ZYB , i recently used it, its so much easier to hook on to; my new & old handsets are supported. Here Verizon gets the data and subscription revenue and Plaxo.. with such user base why the cellco dependency?

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