Free Zooomr Pro account? I'm there!

November 3, 2006

I’m probably one of the last people in the blogosphere to take advantage of this offer, but here’s my post to get myself upgraded to a Zooomr Pro account. They offer 4GB / month of upload capacity – double the Flickr limit – so maybe when I run out over there, I can switch to Zooomr?

Picture 1

Hey Zooomr guys, if you really want me to embrace the service, how about an import function from Flickr so I can store all my photos on your site? (I think that would quickly bust my 4GB monthly allotment)

Oh, and you really gotta buy if you really want people to be able to find your service 😉


9 Responses to “Free Zooomr Pro account? I'm there!”

  1. rose Says:

    they _do_ own

  2. Jason He Says:

    I would stick with Flickr Pro if you’ve got it. Personally I prefer the overall community and environment of Flickr, and even though their paid account offers a puny 2gb/month, it should suffice for most purposes — after all, you’ve only hit that limit once, right?

  3. Thomas Hawk Says:

    Hey Mark. Thanks for blogging about Zooomr. Yeah we need to try to figure out the name. A squater owns it right now and we’re just a poor start up. But we’re working on figuring out what to do with that.

    We are also working on an import function from Flickr. We need to finish the documentation on our API and then get it over to Flickr to try to get a commercial key for their API so that we can build an import tool. We applied for a commercial API key from Flickr before but were turned down. Later on though Stewart indicated that he would give a commercial API key to any company willing to provide Flickr their API and documentation.

    Really appreciate you blogging us man and let me know if there are other features that you’d like to see on the site.



  4. markjen Says:

    Hi Jason – I know lots of people love the community aspects of Flickr, but honestly, I only use Flickr as a photo storage/sharing site (and it’s a convienent place to host graphics for my blog 🙂 ). Zooomr definitely has the features I need – and hey, you can’t beat free! 😀 I guess we’ll see in the next few weeks if I make the shift over to using Zooomr more than Flickr.

  5. markjen Says:

    Hi Tom! I’m a big fan of your pictures (I see them through my feeds on Flickr 🙂 )!

    It’s so lame that domain squatters have all the good names. There should be some sort of regulation against that…

    Glad to hear you guys are working on Flickr import. Hmm… you’d think someone would’ve made a site that aggregates all photo sites into one community by now. A unified front-end to all these different places you can store your photos, and one that allows you to navigate tags between sites. That would be cool!

    Thanks for the free Zooomr account Tom, I’ll definitely let you guys know if I have any feedback!

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  8. […] Thanks to Mark Jen’s blog, I found out about an awesome special that Zoomr is having right now. If you upload an image to their service, and host it on your blog, you will get a free pro account! More details can be found in the actual blog posting. […]

  9. Andrew Says:

    What do I get for going pro on Zooomr – I have only noticed a little pro tag What is the difference?
    Also, Whats this about 4Gb limit, they advertise infinite don’t they – whats the case, is there some play on words going on here?
    Thanks guys,

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