What buy.com, 24 hour fitness, MSN messenger, and Q-Cup have in common…

March 16, 2007

They all got on my bad side at some point, and I blogged about it (buy.com, 24 hour fitness, msn messenger, q-cup). No big deal I thought, but then I noticed something interesting: I was getting a lot of comments on those posts, and I kept getting them, even entries that were almost 2 years old.

So I looked at my referrer logs in StatCounter (a basic, but free web metrics service) and saw that a lot of people were getting to my blog from Google searches. Actually, 90% of my web traffic was coming from Google searches, so I did some investigation and here’ s what I found:

buy.com sucks

Whoa. Top placement on a Google search. That would explain why I’ve got 85 responses to my buy.com sucks entry. Check it out.

Turns out, I must have a bit of Google juice becuase I’ve got top placement for “24 hour fitness membership deals” and “MSN messenger memory leak” as well…


And my tirade against Q-cup a few weeks ago is on the first Google result page for “q-cup cupertino” as well. Not top placement, but not bad 🙂


Something tells me these companies aren’t using blog search tools…


4 Responses to “What buy.com, 24 hour fitness, MSN messenger, and Q-Cup have in common…”

  1. terry chay Says:

    This article came from a Lunch 2.0 discussion. Here is Jeremiah’s take. 🙂

  2. erin Says:

    stop whining, mark 🙂

    good seeing you in atx! come back and visit soon (next wedding, i suppose)

  3. […] already going in the right direction and really on the ball about learning more; I know a few other companies that might benefit from their […]

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