Just got Joost!

April 5, 2007

I registered for the Joost beta a few weeks ago and today I got an e-mail saying I’d been invited to the beta. Yay!

I downloaded the client, registered, and started watching. Wow. As soon as the network gets up and running, I think this could be huge. They’ve got a good amount of content right now and the interface and experience is pretty amazing. Basically, you start the program and you just start watching TV. You can change channels and pick any show on the channel – kinda like a TiVo that you never had to setup.


Here’s what it looks like to choose a channel:


And here’s what a show looks like (looks pretty much like regular TV 🙂 ):


The interface is super cool and allows you to do quite a bit. Here’s a screen where you can see how they are looking to turn watching TV into a social experience. It looks like you’ll be able to chat with other people who are watching the same show in real time.


The only thing I’m missing is even more great content. If users could upload their own content and stream it over the network it would be insane. I know typically episodes of 24 are available on bittorrent less than an hour after they are aired and if I could get it in Joost, I’d never bother with my Media Center again!


16 Responses to “Just got Joost!”

  1. Don’t expect to see episodes of 24 in Joost any time soon. At least not without a Fox contract in place. The whole reason Joost doesn’t allow users to upload ANY content is so that copyrighted material never makes it in without legal authorization (i.e. YouTube). Joost is 100% law abiding, paying for content it offers. Hopefully they’ll eventually get major content contracts in place with the big networks. If that happens, cable operators across the country will shiver.

  2. Adam Says:

    Ugh. Maybe I just like function over form, but I tried Joost once and practically ran screaming in the other direction. Aside from 97.3% adolescent crap content, the interface just belched “looka me, ima so cool and shit! like, totally hip, yeah babe?” Ugh Ugh Ugh.

  3. Matteo Says:

    Hi mark, I read about you in a book I am reading. You can imagine I think.. “google’s story” and so here I am. You did amazing experiences. Congratulations. CA offers a lot isn’t it?! Anyway I am really impressed by the idea behind Joost, I registered a couple of weeks ago but nothing yet.. any of you is kind enough to send me an invite? thanks a lot in advance. send here morphe.adsl[at]tin.it


  4. markjen Says:

    @alwayslookaround – Yeah I heard that too. I’m hoping with ya on them getting more and more great content 🙂

  5. markjen Says:

    @adam – I agree they could use some better content, but it’s actually not that bad. For a comparison, just flip around some cable channels. If you’re just looking to waste some time, I think there’s plenty of content on Joost for that 🙂

    I think the UI is pretty functional. Not sure what I would change about it…

  6. markjen Says:

    @matteo – Nice to meet you. If you’re looking for more info about my Google story, you’ll have to look in the archives. Start in January 2005 and go through Feburary 2005 🙂

    As soon as I get some Joost invites, I’ll probably post up about them and send them out on a first-come first-served basis.

  7. arvind Says:

    Hi Mark,

    Please send me JOOST invite?

    Thanks in advance.

  8. Matteo Says:

    Thank you Mark, very kind. I ll browse your archives very soon. bye

  9. Sachin Says:

    Hi Mark,

    Can you spare me an invite.



  10. Andrew Says:


    I’m also wondering if you have any available invites? If so, I’d be interested in giving it a try.


  11. Debbie Says:

    I would like an invite too to try out the beta version.

    I have really enjoyed reading your blog and have been reading it since you were let go from Google. 🙂

    Thanks Mark!

  12. markjen Says:

    Hey everyone, I don’t have any invites yet. But don’t worry, if I do get some, I’ll send them out on a first-come first-served basis to people who’ve left comments here. Matteo, you’re up first 🙂

  13. kane Says:

    invite please

  14. dan Says:

    probably this will be bought by google after a short while in the market. no doubt it will probably be integrated in youtube or something like it. anyway, if you get invites, i wouldn’t mind if you send me one.

  15. putting my name in the hat for the joost invite.

  16. Matteo Says:

    Ciao Mark, I received your invitation via Joost. Thank you so much. See soon. Matt

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