Now that's what I call broadband!

June 4, 2007

In my new condo up in San Francisco, we got fliers to sign up for a high speed internet service called Webpass that claimed synchronous 45Mbps for about $30 / month if you pre-pay annually. Too good to be true? Well, I got it setup, paid $350 for the year, and here’s what says:

And that’s through a Linksys router. When I hook up my computer straight to the tap it’s even faster!

The technician told me that what they’re doing is dropping a T3 line straight to the building and all the residents signed up for the service are sharing it. He told me there are currently only about 20 people from my building signed up, so that means I’m probably getting a T3 all to myself most of the time. San Francisco rocks!


3 Responses to “Now that's what I call broadband!”

  1. rose Says:

    time to upload more pictures…hehe 🙂

  2. Since our conversation was so short at Lunch 2.0 I decided to get an update from your blog. Congrats on the new position and even more so congrats on the blazing fast connection. I’m jealous. My house gets a piddly slow connection by comparison with DSL.

  3. Drew Colace Says:

    Mark, you lucky bastard! That gets a WOW! for sure. San Francisco and sparingly used shared T3s DO rock!

    Be well.

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