Back to GMail…

April 20, 2007

After using Yahoo Mail Beta for over a year, and Windows Live Mail for a little bit before that, I’ve decided to switch back to GMail.

I had some trouble with GMail almost two years ago and I decided to try out Windows Live Mail Beta (new at that time). I then had some trouble with Windows Live Mail and got an invite to Yahoo Mail Beta, so I switched over to that.

Lately, I’ve been having trouble with Yahoo Mail Beta so I looked around again to find the best webmail solution and it does certainly seem that GMail is the front runner. Here’s how GMail won me over:

  • Conversation view. Always use it in Outlook, been trying to manage without it in Yahoo! Mail for a while. Suprisingly, I can’t seem to find it on any other webmail offering (am I missing a setting somewhere?)
  • POP Access and Forwarding. Note to Yahoo: I’m not going to pay you $20/year for a feature that other services offer for free.
  • Ability to manage all my e-mail addresses in one place. You can set it up so that all e-mail goes to one GMail account and you can even set it so that replies look like they’re coming from whatever e-mail address you want.
  • Performance. Yahoo Mail Beta is unbearably slow on my computer now. The new AIM Mail Beta doesn’t feel much better (sorry Rose!)
  • Desktop notifier. No need to keep a browser window open anymore! Especially when Firefox seems to take up 200MB of memory with Yahoo Mail Beta loaded…

While some of the webmail solutions have some of these features I’ve just listed, only GMail seems to have them all.


I’m not sure how many people experience this, but some of my e-mail is really delayed in Yahoo! Mail Beta. Yesterday, I just received an e-mail message that was actually sent to me last Thursday. That’s actually slower than if my friend had wrote me a letter and physically mailed it to me via the post office! Now, if this was a one time occurrence, I’d chalk it up to some slow mail servers on the other end. However, I’ve been experiencing this for the past few months where random pieces of e-mail would be really slow.

So… goodbye Yahoo!

Yahoo Mail Beta

I had noticed a few weeks ago that Windows Live Mail now works in Firefox, so I figured I’d give WLM another try. I used WLM a while back and was pretty satisfied with it – until I switched to Mac. Back then, WLM only worked in IE, so I had no choice but to check out other alternatives.

Welcome back Windows Live Mail 🙂

Windows Live Mail Beta

While I was setting up e-mail, I figured I’d give AIM Mail a try too – especially since Rose works on the PM team over there now 🙂

A new challenger?

AIM Mail

Will I stick with WLM or AIM Mail? Who knows? (I’m sure many of you are thinking “who cares?” 😛 )

A few days ago some Plaxo people were over at the AOL/Netscape offices in Mountain View and ran into Justin, the author of Tales of a Running Man. I’ve been a subscriber of his blog for a while and since he was in town, I invited him to breakfast this morning at Hobee’s in Cupertino. The food was good as usual and so was the company.

breakfast 002

Justin and Greg are both pretty senior guys on the AIM team and their depth of knowledge on the industry in general made for really great conversation. I assume we’ll probably be running into each other more often in the coming months 🙂