Networkin' at Lunch 2.0

January 27, 2007

At Meebo this past week for Lunch 2.0, I ended up meeting Jason Calacanis (thanks Jeremiah for grabbing this photo of us):

I’d e-mailed back and forth with Jason before and it was good to finally meet him in person. I wasn’t the only one making connections; the crowd was a good mix of over 100 students, engineers, product people, and even the occasional Googler 🙂

Looks like we’re hitting our original goals of Lunch 2.0 – and of course getting free food to boot 😀


Notice anything different?

December 20, 2006

Here’s a picture of me last week:


Here’s a picture of me today:


Hehe, yeah, I shaved. 🙂

Politicians using the web

November 1, 2006

I opened up my e-mail this morning and promptly got a spam message from Chuck Poochigian’s Attorney General campaign. Not only did they probably buy my e-mail address from some less-than-desirable source, the e-mail is part of a smear campaign on the opponent. I don’t know if the claims in the article are true – and it doesn’t really matter to me. What matters is the fact that they decided to send me this message. (I will admit that their URL is hilarious though: pooch4ag 😀 )

spam from chuck poochigian

I guess in all reality, they probably don’t care how I’m going to vote. After all, I’m probably in the minority. I have to assume their target market is busy buying some v1agara and discovering some amazing diet pills 😛

I heard a session of Forum the other day with Mr. Poochigian talking about the issues he stands for but I don’t really remember what he said. So we can figure he probably had a 50/50 shot with me. Now there’s no way I’m going to vote for this guy. Who’s running his PR? They should be fired.

For my birthday yesterday, Rose got me a Lego Mindstorms set 🙂

Lego Mindstorms

For those who don’t know, Lego Mindstorms is a Lego set that has a module that hooks up to electronic servo motors and can be programmed from your computer. Basically, it’s programmable motorized Legos.

While I was growing up, I’d always played with Legos. I had multiple large plastic bins filled with various pieces from different Lego sets all mixed together. Recently, I’d noticed that Lego has been coming out with some new sets that seem to be targetting my demographic – the childhood Lego fanatic, now working professional with plenty of expendable income 🙂

Browsing around Lego’s Mindstorms site a little bit, it looks like there’s tons of stuff you can do with the set and they’ve got some pretty active user forums too. Completely brilliant play on Lego’s part.

Post 300!

August 10, 2006

My last post was actually post #300 on this blog; while that’s way behind many active bloggers, it seems like a lot to me 🙂

So much has happened this past year and a half that it seems like an eternity ago when I first typed out those fateful first words at My blog has been really slow going these past few months since I’ve been really busy… how long will it take me to make it to another 300? :-O


Ah, this strong bad e-mail reminds me of my college days… hehe.

I was prompted to head over after I saw that they were back and creating new content over at 🙂

A few weeks back I met Weiting at a Lunch 2.0 event. He told me about a little app he was working on that was something to do with social networks and stocks which sounded pretty interesting; a few days later I got an invite in my e-mail so I checked it out.


Enter socialPicks, a social network + finance site. Basically, they built what Google Finance and Y! Finance should’ve built (and may be building as I blog…). The idea is that there’s a lot of community right in our brokerage accounts – people who buy the same stocks as you, your friends, your co-workers, etc. And there’s no good way to commiserate with them when stocks go down or celebrate together when stocks go up.

They’ve got cool ideas, like the ability to leave comments on stocks with your predictions, which anyone else can read over and then comment on.


We’ll put this in the “tools I wish I had before I lost a bunch of money in the stock market” bucket 😉

If you’re interested in an invite, let me know. As far as I can tell, I’ve got unlimited invites!