I got some great comments back from Rita and Sarah over at H&R Block on my previous post now. So, it looks like they are listening and they’re actually soliciting feedback too – hurray! That’s what I like to see from a company.

I’m not sure if I’ll be back to file my 2007 taxes using Tango at HRBlock.com next year, but at least the probability is now greater than 0 😀

So verdict on the product: not so good for 2006/2007, hopefully much improved for 2007/2008. Verdict on the team: excellent 🙂

I also just met a few people from their PR department here at a conference I’m speaking at (more on that in a later post). Looks like they’re already going in the right direction and really on the ball about learning more; I know a few other companies that might benefit from their example 😉


Here at SXSW, they’ve got a big plasma screen showing the following Twitter page (there’s me in the screenshot 🙂 ):


It’s a collection of all the twitter messages that people post up after they join a special SXSW group. Great bootstrapping promo for the service; I wonder if this will be when it starts taking off?