A bunch of people here at the office have been shooting a “superbowl” ad over the past few days and they’ve just been uploaded to YouTube. HEre’s ours (I think it’s hilarious, but then again, I’m probably biased):

Check out all of the videos over there. Meebo, RockYou, Technorati, and other companies have submitted videos too.


Networkin' at Lunch 2.0

January 27, 2007

At Meebo this past week for Lunch 2.0, I ended up meeting Jason Calacanis (thanks Jeremiah for grabbing this photo of us):

I’d e-mailed back and forth with Jason before and it was good to finally meet him in person. I wasn’t the only one making connections; the crowd was a good mix of over 100 students, engineers, product people, and even the occasional Googler 🙂

Looks like we’re hitting our original goals of Lunch 2.0 – and of course getting free food to boot 😀