First, if you’re a Mac user and you aren’t using Quicksilver, you’re missing out.

What does Quicksilver do? With a quick keyboard shortcut (I usually define mine to be ctrl-space), a little window pops up. You simply start typing the name of the program or file you’re looking for and it finds it automatically. So, instead of hunting around to find the program you want to run, you can use the keyboard shortcut and get to it in less than a second. It also learns your frequently used shortcuts to make it even quicker. On my computer, if I want to run Firefox, I hit ctrl-space, type ‘f’, and hit enter. Much quicker than the mouse.

So, one of the things I had missed when using Windows machines is Quicksilver, which is a Mac only program. I longed for the quick access to all my programs. Then one day, on lifehacker, they did a quick post about Launchy and my dreams were realized. Quicksilver for windows!


Anyways. If you’re a Mac user, download Quicksilver. If you’re a Windows user, download Launchy. Your computer use will never be the same 🙂