Tahoe and Revenge?

February 27, 2007

This past weekend Rose and I went up to Tahoe with our grx small group, Immersion. The trip was mostly uneventful except for two things: a clever plot on Saturday night that demanded payback and the weather Sunday morning on our way back to the Bay Area.

First, the weather.

I checked the weather report for this weekend on Friday before we left and it said that there would be a little snow Saturday night through Sunday morning. Sounded perfect, snow overnight and fresh powder during the day. Turns out that instead of a few inches of fresh, we got dumped on! Here are a few shots Rose took from the car while we were driving Sunday morning.

2007 SG Tahoe Trip 031
2007 SG Tahoe Trip 032
2007 SG Tahoe Trip 034
2007 SG Tahoe Trip 038

So turns out that we got outta there just in time. After we got past the summit on 50 eastbound, they closed the freeway for avalanche control. We decided to hightail it outta there and it took us about 8 hours to get home. Today, we heard that it took some people 12 hours to get back yesterday, so it looks like we were actually lucky 🙂

Ok, now for the more interesting part: revenge?

On our first night up at Tahoe, Friday, we had two rooms. One for guys and one for the ladies. Since we had 6 guys, the guys room was larger – a two story unit with a bed on the top floor and a couch on the first floor. Huy, Eddie and I slept on the first floor and Alan, Jimmy, and Hugh slept on the top floor. The next morning, Alan and Jimmy complained of not getting a good night’s sleep, but didn’t really say why. We figured it was an uncomfortable mattress or something.

Then on Saturday night, Alan, Jimmy, and Hugh tried to drive home after the day up at Kirkwood. By the time they started to head out, the storm was already coming in, so they turned back around and stayed another night at Tahoe. At this point, we only had one hotel room (we checked out of the other room) and I figured we could probably all jam up in there for a night. However, Jimmy and Alan insisted on getting another hotel room. We figured they just didn’t want to cram 9 people in a standard small hotel room.

They found a room at a motel down the street and got ready to move over there. Now comes the clever part, they left Hugh behind in our room, and said they’d come pick him up in the morning. Odd, we thought, but whatever.

As most people can probably guess by now, Hugh is an awfully suspicious character in the story. Turns out, Hugh has a serious case of sleep apnea, and it was exceptionally loud. He was choking and coughing all night, basically preventing everyone but me from sleeping (I’m always passed out cold). Rose is a very light sleeper so she ended up getting basically no sleep all night! 😦

Well, needless to say, this was a deliberate act of war. So that night after we got back, after Alan had gone to bed, we took my old foam mattress and did this:

2007 SG Tahoe Trip 068

Then we added these:

2007 SG Tahoe Trip 072

And lastly, here’s the scene this morning:

Bwahahaha! Watch out Jimmy, you’re next! 😀


Blogging lecture in HK

September 8, 2006

My uncle happens to be a communications professor at Hong Kong Baptist University so while I was there he invited me to be a guest lecturer. The topic: blogging of course 🙂

I put together a quick 60 minute preso and went over the basics, some stuff that’s happening in the media, how blogging is affecting businesses, and how younger people’s views on privacy seem to be drastically different than the older generations. Overall, the talk was pretty quick (perhaps I was speaking a bit too quickly) and the questions afterwards were excellent.

Biggest points of interest that I got out of the session:

  • Everyone in the room knew what a blog was. More than 50% of them had blogs. However, no one had any clue what an RSS aggregator was. Wow… hopefully I was able to spread the word about one of the most disruptive changes that blogging has enabled 🙂
  • For the most part, blogging in the US is about everyday people. However, in Southeast Asia, it seems that celebrity blogging is much more interesting to the masses.
  • In the US we never think too much about the government interfering with bloggers – employers yes, but not government. In Hong Kong (or perhaps more interestingly, China), how government will react is always an issue.

Very interesting to explore the cultural divide between blogging in the US and abroad. I’m sure Anil has a lot of experience here too (I might be wrong, but I think he used to head up the international product management effort over at 6A)

A bit out of order for my vacation related blog posts, but I wanted to get these slides posted for the students so here they are 🙂

Hong Kong PPT Slides

More singapore…

August 30, 2006

Well, I didn’t get to finish blogging about Singapore last night, so on to Day 2 in Singapore!

We woke up and went to Chinatown to walk around and pick up some food. We followed another great walking tour and saw a ton of sights including a street market, a temple, a mosque, and of course, a food court!


If you’re ever in Singapore Chinatown, I definitely recommend you check out the Maxwell food centre, and in particular, try the $2 Laksa and $4 sliced fish bee hoon (a fish noodle soup).

After filling up our stomaches, we went to Bugis street, which is another large shopping area. There’s a nice air conditioned mall called Bugis junction and there’s also a flea market style area with lots of little shops and a ton of local flair.


Also in the Bugis area is the Singapore National Library, which as it turns out is much cooler than it sounds. It’s got some pretty cool architecture, great views from the top floors, and even an outdoor courtyard area for people taking a study break.


After the library, we headed to Esplanade, a crazy double durian shaped structure that houses Singapore’s concert hall and theatre.


Inside Esplanade they’ve got some art pieces on display, a few restaurants, and a rooftop deck! If you’re in the area in the afternoon, the Japanese restaurant has a great happy hour deal (a bowl of udon noodles, a hand roll, and tea for $5 SGD… very tasty 🙂 ).


Lastly, we saw the Merlion on the waterfront downtown… which is where I had my accident. But once again, it’s getting late so I’ll save that story for tomorrow 😀

Stop #2: Singapore

August 29, 2006

We spent 5 days in Thailand, which was just about enough to relax a little at the resort and get a good feel for Bangkok. Our next stop would be Singapore, where we would have 2 days and 2 nights; we could probably have used another day here in Singapore – we had an action packed time running around in taxis, the MRT, and buses.

Right after we got to Singapore and checked into our hotel, we rode the MRT to Little India. It was our first stop in Singapore and so we quickly introduced ourselves to the s’porean food court system 😀


Next, we went on a walking tour through Little India – the guide brochure was provided for free by the Singaporean government 🙂


To finish the night, we walked around Orchard Rd – where our hotel was at. A pretty lively shopping area, even at night. There were street side vendors and the malls were open pretty late. Our first stop was to eat at Food Republic, a food court inside the Wisma Atria mall.


Then we did a little window shopping…


Finally, we got back to our hotel and saw this hilarious sign:


Like I said, action packed 🙂 Check out the rest of the pictures from our first day in Singapore on my Flickr. I’ll be back tomorrow to blog on the rest of our Singapore stay; in the meantime, it’s bedtime over here in Hong Kong 😉

For those who have been watching my Flickr stream, you’ve probably noticed that there’s been a huge influx of pictures in the past few days and that it’s been of very international locations. That’s becuase I’ve been on vacation for the past week and a half in Thailand, Singapore and Hong Kong. I rarely go on vacation, but Rose’s cousin was getting married in Thailand so we decided to take an extended Southeast Asia trip and spend a little time away from the daily grind.

I haven’t had very good internet access until I got to Hong Kong, so I wasn’t able to upload any pictures or do any blogging – I was barely able to catch up on e-mail :O But now that I’ve got a good broadband connection again, I should be able to do some catch up posts on the trip so far.


Our first stop was Thailand for the wedding. It was held at a nice all-inclusive resort called Evason Resort and Spa in Hua Hin. If don’t mind all the traveling (flight to Thailand and then a 3 hour bus ride), it’s quite a nice place to relax. It’s right by the beach, has good food, great weather, a nice swimming pool (can’t swim in the ocean because of jellyfish) and you can get a 90 minute Thai massage right next door for $300 Baht (approximately $9 USD).


After the wedding, we rode a van back to Bangkok and spent a few days there seeing the sights and doing a lot of shopping. The best part is the super cheap food from roadside vendors. You can get a fresh fruit drink for $10 Baht (about $0.25) and tasty meat on a stick for $5 Baht (maybe $0.15) 😀 An hour Taxi ride is about $100 Baht (less than $3 USD) and a super tasty bowl of local noodles cost $15 Baht (less than $0.50)!


Going to Thailand first definitely spoiled us a little bit price-wise. For the next two stops we were continuously comparing against Thailand prices and complaining about how expensive everything was.

That’ll be all for tonight. Enjoy the pictures and I’ll be posting again tomorrow about Singapore!