My new blog

October 9, 2007

So I’ve finally gotten off my lazy butt and created a new blog. Rose and I will both be blogging at If you’re subscribed on my FeedBurner feed, it should already be picking up my new entries over there. If not, head on over and get on my new feed!

See you there 🙂



Pete’s sister was taking a business communications class and one day, he turned to me and said that I was in her textbook and they were talking about me in lecture. Nice! I wonder what they had to say 🙂

She’s visiting Pete this weekend and she brought the book along. It’s called Business Communication, Building Critical Skills, and it’s written by Kitty O. Locker (of Ohio State booooo :p ) and Stephen Kyo Kaczmarek.


It’s only a quick reference in the book, but I am curious to know when people are discussing my story in class. If you’re a professor or if you’re a student in a class about this stuff, let me know; I’m always happy to discuss these things 🙂

Update 4/13/2007: Oops, it looks like some people were having trouble with the slides I uploaded, so I’m reuploading them in Powerpoint 2007 format, Powerpoint 2003 format, and PDF. If you’re still having trouble, please let me know 🙂

I just finished presenting at the ALI Social Media Summit here in Chicago and since I didn’t get a chance to print out my slides for distribution, I’m posting them up here for people to download.

Also, here are a few links to things that were mentioned during my presentation:

Blog aggregators:

Blog search tools:

And as my regular readers already know, feel free to contact me if you have any other questions about blogs, wikis, forums, etc.

I got some great comments back from Rita and Sarah over at H&R Block on my previous post now. So, it looks like they are listening and they’re actually soliciting feedback too – hurray! That’s what I like to see from a company.

I’m not sure if I’ll be back to file my 2007 taxes using Tango at next year, but at least the probability is now greater than 0 😀

So verdict on the product: not so good for 2006/2007, hopefully much improved for 2007/2008. Verdict on the team: excellent 🙂

I also just met a few people from their PR department here at a conference I’m speaking at (more on that in a later post). Looks like they’re already going in the right direction and really on the ball about learning more; I know a few other companies that might benefit from their example 😉

ORose tipped me off yesterday that I Google had indexed my blog post about H&R Block’s Tango e-file tax web app (or rather, lack of e-file web app I should say 🙂 ). Check out the Google search for “Tango”, I’m currently the thrid organic search result.

Google search for "Tango"

Now I’m definitely not an A-list blogger, but it seems that the bloggers over at H&R Block should have seen my post fly by on their blog search feeds. I even linked to their Tango Tax Blog on my previous post, but it looks like they dont’ have trackbacks turned on 😦

Oh well. If anyone from H&R Block is reading this post, I’m still waiting for my refund…

They all got on my bad side at some point, and I blogged about it (, 24 hour fitness, msn messenger, q-cup). No big deal I thought, but then I noticed something interesting: I was getting a lot of comments on those posts, and I kept getting them, even entries that were almost 2 years old.

So I looked at my referrer logs in StatCounter (a basic, but free web metrics service) and saw that a lot of people were getting to my blog from Google searches. Actually, 90% of my web traffic was coming from Google searches, so I did some investigation and here’ s what I found: sucks

Whoa. Top placement on a Google search. That would explain why I’ve got 85 responses to my sucks entry. Check it out.

Turns out, I must have a bit of Google juice becuase I’ve got top placement for “24 hour fitness membership deals” and “MSN messenger memory leak” as well…


And my tirade against Q-cup a few weeks ago is on the first Google result page for “q-cup cupertino” as well. Not top placement, but not bad 🙂


Something tells me these companies aren’t using blog search tools…

Networkin' at Lunch 2.0

January 27, 2007

At Meebo this past week for Lunch 2.0, I ended up meeting Jason Calacanis (thanks Jeremiah for grabbing this photo of us):

I’d e-mailed back and forth with Jason before and it was good to finally meet him in person. I wasn’t the only one making connections; the crowd was a good mix of over 100 students, engineers, product people, and even the occasional Googler 🙂

Looks like we’re hitting our original goals of Lunch 2.0 – and of course getting free food to boot 😀